How can I create a shader that will reproduce this lighting effect on terrain?

Category : Game Development
Notice the way in which the major light source in each image reflects off the ground, as a function of the distance between the light source and the viewer (?).Is this a (bumped) specular map? The effect is seen all over in World of Warcraft; I specifically remember it on the snow in Dun Morogh, and on the shores of Darrowmere lake. Looking directly toward the sun is required. The effect is also commonly on the surface of water in RL and in CG. Specifically, I want to build the effect wher

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How to Create the Lighting Effect in Gimp
Category : Computers
You can use the free design program GIMP to digitally edit pictures and create various effects, including the Lighting Effect, a filter which adds a burst of light to an image. Setting the parameters according to your preferences, you can control what kind of light, color and intensity appears. Afte

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Fragment Shader - Reproduce blue channel level output slider
Category : Development Tools & Services

Im trying to create a fragment shader that will do the same job as the photoshop levels output slider. I would like to do this on a specific channel (in this case blue).

I have the code as below:

varying highp vec2 textureCoordinate;
uniform sampler2D inputImageTex

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How to Create a Halo Eyes Lighting Effect
Category : Arts & Entertainment
Adding effects to photographs can enhance any original photo. In this article you will learn how to create a halo lighting effect for eyes in a photograph using Adobe Photoshop 8.0. The effect will produce a hazy, outer glow around the eyes.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need

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In Photoshop CS4, how can I create the lighting effect of a rounded edge?
Category : Web Design

In this image below...
you can see the left edge is rounded. In Photoshop CS4, how can I apply that lighting effect to a similar texture to create the effect of a rounded edge?
Thanks so much in advance for all your help!

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How do I change the opacity of an image using a for loop to create a gradual lighting up effect?
Category : Web Design

I have created a Css class which defines the opacity of my image but I need to access it in JavaScript and change it in a for loop then pass the new opacity back to a variable and repeat the process until I have the opacity I want which is 100%.

I need this to be triggered by the onm

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GLSL lighting. Bad normals? Bad shader? Something else entirely?
Category : C & C++ & C#
In my engine, I'm ~trying~ to do per-pixel/normal mapped lighting with GLSL shaders. I'm using a modified shader from RenderMonkey. Everything compiles properly, but everything is illuminated at full-bright (as if there was no lighting).
First of all, the shaders:
ppl2.frag (fragment shade

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OpenGL Diffuse Lighting Shader Bug?
Category : Development Tools & Services

The Orange book, section 16.2, lists implementing diffuse lighting as:

void main()
vec3 N = normalize(gl_NormalMatrix * gl_Normal);
vec4 V = gl_ModelViewMatrix * gl_vertex;
vec3 L = normalize(lightPos -;
gl_FrontColor = gl_Color * vec4(max(

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Setting up directional lighting in directx shader
Category : Programming Languages

Trying to learn shaders and get a dead simple directional light source working but I just get black. If I return input.Col all is fine so I know it's something to do with these normal calcs but have absolutely no idea what is wrong? I'm struggling to understand shaders and specifically where to g

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OpenGLES2 Shader : Lighting position and camera movement?
Category : Web Design

I tried to add lighting to my OpenGLES2 application following the tutorial at

Unlike in above tutorial,I have FPS camera movements.In the vertex shader I have hard coded camera position (u_LightPos) in worl

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Opengl/glsl shader animation and lighting issue
Category : Web Design

So lately i've took my first serious steps (or at least i think so) into opengl/glsl and shaders in general.
Ive managed to construct and render VBOs, create and compile shaders and also mess with them in some sort of way.
I'm using a vertex shader to fix my opengl view (correct the asp

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