Should I be using Reach or HiDef profile if I have large spritesheets?

Category : Game Development
I'm working on a platformer in monogame, that I want to use a large number of sprites for making up items and objects in the background. The main spritesheet I've created is 4095x3734, when I tried to convert it into xmb using XNA Content Compiler, I received an error that Reach Profile only supports 2048x2048. I've read that I can use HiDef which will support 4096x4096, which will be sufficient for my requirements, but I am a bit concerned about what the potential pitfalls will be - will le

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XNA Framework Game Profile HiDef / Reach
Category : Coding

You saw this question before but I can't understand the issue.

My graphic card was handling HiDef profile before I formatted my pc. I create a simple 2D game using XNA Game Studio 4.0 with HiDef profile. The game still exist at

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XNA 4 reach profile causes exception and Hidef doesn't compile
Category : Web Design

I want to run Xna project on my laptop ,when I run the project using HiDef profile
I have a massege

No suitable graphic card found. Couldn't find Direct3D device that support the XNA Framework HiDef profile

And when I change the profile to Reach the project run bu

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Reach to HiDef XNA 4.0
Category : Programming Languages

I was converting one project from XNA 3.1 to XNA 4.0 and i was getting this error:

Error 1 XNA Framework Reach profile does not support vertex shader model 3.0. J:UtadMestrado2AnoDisserteĆ§Ć£oNovos softwaresxnaCodigoVisualizadorXNAVisualizadorXNAVisualizadorXNAContentBumpCylinde

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Large # of Profile Properties in Web.Config Project --Quick way to convert to MVC Profile in Application?
Category : Programming Languages

After setting a large number of property names and types for user profiles in web.config for a Web Forms project
we're switching over to an MVC3 Razor Web Application. Web Applications don't use the profile model info in web.config. Instead it's suggested to create a new ProfileCommon model

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Can't reach the Profile properties through Intellisense.
Category : VB & VBnet

I'm using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express and I'm working on creating a web application using ASP.NET and VB.NET

I found an article ( on using Profiles and I figured I would give it a try... however, I can't use any intellisense in

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Can't reach Profile form the codebehind file
Category : ASP &
Hi, I have a strange problem and cant get over it. I want to use profiles, so i have in the web.config: I can access to the Profile object from the code placed in the .aspx file between the <script> tags. But if i want to access to the Profile from the codebehind file i get an error th

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Reach profile requires TextureAddressMode to Clamp but I've already set that
Category : Mobile Programming

I'm now writing a game on WP7 using XNA Framework 4.0.

There are some pictures that needs to be tiled.

So I set the SamplerState[0] to LinearWrap before rendering these pictures and I switch it back to LinearClamp once done.

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How to using Particle effects XNA Framwork Reach Profile?
Category : Web Design

I did use Particle effects when using the Hidef Profile but when using the Reach profile, I do not have any solutions for it. Have any sample about this??

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too many polygons : XNA Framework Reach profile does not support 32 bit indices
Category : Programming Languages

when i try to load a big map, the screen gets all black and frozen and when i ctrl-alt-delete it i found the following error : " XNA Framework Reach profile does not support 32 bit indices. Use IndexElementSize.SixteenBits or a type that has a size of two bytes. " . Any ideas ?

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WIll Google fiber, reach the Northeast, USA,. Still using DSL and FIOS is not available. For Uploading large amount of data what should I do?
Category : Development Tools & Services

Google fiber,? Hoping that it will reach the Northeast, USA,. Still using DSL for internet in my area and FIOS is not available in my area, and town has no plan on future installations.

I am trying to make use of a cloud server and currently with Verizon DSL my upload speeds are t

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