Is my invitation based file access authorization scheme worthwhile?

I need to allow users to upload files with sensitive data to a server, then invite other authenticated users to access specific files.This is my proposed solution:Each user will have his own folder to which he uploads files, and the parent folder will have an .htaccess with deny all to block direct access. (This already works well.)Then, an invited user will get a generated SHA1 invitation id and the url will be something like download/[sha1]/file and I can then use my controller to check

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Securing Files over Web: Fine Grained Authorization Based File Access
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a system where employees can upload files. There are three ways

Upload to my account in public, private or protected mode
Upload to department account in public, private or protected mode
Upload to organization account in public, private or protected mode

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Difference between authorization scheme and authorization model
Category : Programming Languages

A quick and (hopefully simple) question. What is the difference between authorization scheme and authorization model?

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VS 2008 Restricting access to web pages (on intranet site) based on role based authorization
Category : VB & VBnet
Hi folks,
I have a simple intranet site.
It has a role based authorization in the web.config file.
Any user's in a specific role called as "Apr-Sales-Writers" will be authorized to use those pages. If not, they will not be authorized. So far so good. Works fine. But we adde

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What makes a heap-based Scheme slower than a stack-based Scheme?
Category : Programming Languages

I am developing a compiler for a language similar to Scheme, and am reading through Dybvig's thesis. In it, he says that achieved most of his performance gain by allocating call frames on the stack instead of on the heap. There's several tricks that need to be done in order to actually make this

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Claims based authorization VS Role Permission based authorization
Category : ASP &

Hi All,

Our team has recently implemented a role permission based authorization so that we can have granular control. This is similar to what Rockford Lhotka suggests hereView Replies

Programatically changing "Access Rules" for role-based authorization
Category : ASP &

I'm trying to write-up my own version of the ASP.NET Configuration tool as an "Admin Tools" page for a portal site I'm working on. I see how I can create/edit/delete users and roles both using the Membership API, but how would I set new "Access Rules" for a pag

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Entity Based Access Rights using Windows Authorization manager
Category : Development
Hi There ,
I want to know ,whether we can use Windows Authorization manager for
Entity Based Access Rights .here for me entity is a program element .
if some one has any idea ,please let me know.
Apr 23 07

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In MVC3 how to restrict access to an Area with a role-based authorization?
Category : Programming Languages

In MVC3 we can restrict access to a Controller using the [Authorize] attribute, specifying that the user must be in the Administrator role to access any controller action in the class, like in the following example...

[Authorize(Roles = "Administrator")]
public class MyDefault

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@Html.ActionLink helper with access control using claims based authorization
Category : Programming Languages
Using claims to restrict access to actions seems fairly easy, e.g.public class ReportController : Controller{ [ClaimsPrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Operation = "Show", Resource = "Report")] public ActionResult ShowReport() { ... } }In my _Layout.cshtml I use the following cod

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Restrict Access And Apply Authorization and Permission Rules For Some Section of One Page Based On User s Rols
Category : ASP &

Hi Experts

how can we make an Authorized and permision based application
that some section of One page such as some controls (for example some buttons )
or some Combo box Or Any Other Objects)&nbsp;Could be enabled - disabled&nbsp; or be visibled -Invisible based on<

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