Chronological order for Anne Bishop's Black Jewels stories

Category : Science Fiction
I was looking at the list of stories and saw that there are quite a few, but I couldn't find a definitive list with all of the stories in proper in-universe chronological order.So, what is the correct order for all of the stories?

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Cucumber Scenario: Should be listed in chronological order by date in ASC order
Category : Programming Languages

Scenario: Events should be listed in chronological order by event date in ASC order

How do i test this scenario in cucumber?
Events has a name and a event_date. Events is shown in a list in the GUI. I want the test to fail when the events is in a unsorted order and the test to p

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Sort column header in chronological order, not in alphabetical order
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am using Jasper Report Designer 4.5.0, I want to sort my column header in date, not in alphabetical order like Apr-10,Apr-11,Aug-10,Aug-11,etc..

I am using following query in mysql:

SELECT ref_no, descp, mrp, qty, date_format(date,'%b -%y') FROM sale ORDER BY BINARY d

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Difference between --date-order and reverse chronological order
Category : Development Tools & Services

The git-log manpage defines --date-order:

"This option is similar to --topo-order in the sense that no parent
comes before all of its children, but otherwise things are still
ordered in the commit timestamp order."

But by Git's definition, for a child commit

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Check chronological order and return the out of order row
Category : Programming Languages

This is a small logic question. My datagrid has date time values in chronological order.
If the user enters an out-of-order date time, the program should highlight the row which is out-of-order.
For eg: This is the initial order.

10/5/2010 11:59:59
10/6/2010 00

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Chronological Order
Category : Excel
I would like to place the following data in columns:
Club Rep Visit Revisit Required
Felling 12-Mar-05 12-May-05
Murton 14-Jan-05 14-Feb-05
South Shields 16-Feb-05 16-Jun-0

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Chronological order?
Category : Design Software

Premiere no longer lets me sort by creation date. How do you put clips in chronological order?

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[SOLVED] Why is "git tag" not in chronological order?
Category : Ubuntu
I've been wondering this since I learned of git tags: what possible reason could the developers of git have for making "git tag" show tags in alphabetical order by default?
As far as I'm aware, tags are mainly used to label versions of a program. Why would anyone want to list version

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going through database in chronological order
Category : Development

Hi! I have in my database few tables and each table have a column with dates of inserting records. I don't know how to go through the database, through all tables, in chronological order, from the first inserted record until the last, can anyone help? tnx!

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how to log all Git commits in chronological order?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I want to log all commits pushed to a Git repository. I'm interested in all commits, not only in the branches I have checked out locally. Also I want to see commits that happened in branches that have been deleted already. All I need is a command similar to svn log (in Subversion). I

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Need for the data to be in Chronological Order
Category : Excel
I have a set of data which is set up in rows. The data needs to be in chronological order by row so the columns sync up to create a graph of the data. Is there a way to do this without going row by row (ie is there a way to sort by row than by column for multiple rows). Here is how my data is curren

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