In the Alien series, what is the meaning of the "LV" designation for planets and moons?

Alien and Aliens take place on LV-426, Prometheus on LV-223. What does
"LV" stand for?

So I am working on a simulation of the solar system and ran into a

In reality, the speed of the moon compared to
the earth is much slower then that of the earth compared to the sun.
However, the moon completes its orbit much quicker because it has to
travel much less distance. The moon orbits the earth about 13 times in
1 year.

In my simulation however, the moon gets maybe 2
orbits in a year...

I've checked the speed with wikipedia
and they are correct.

The only difference is that I scale
everything, making me suspect that that's the cause.

distances are devided by 100 000

Coding - Today is a leap day, a calendar oddity that
helps align our timekeeping with the orbit of the Earth around the
sun. But leap day may not be restricted to the Earth — it
could occur on planets around other stars as well, as long as there
are beings living there to mark the days, scientists say.
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Internet - Astronomers on Tuesday (Dec. 20) announced the
discovery of the first two Earth-size alien planets — a
historic find for sure, but the newfound worlds didn't exactly
receive historic names.
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A new app brings thousands of alien worlds to the
fingertips of iPhone and iPad users.
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Alien and Aliens take place on LV-426, Prometheus on LV-223. What does
"LV" stand for?
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