Object.keys() alternative for IE8

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I am using Object.keys() but apparently it isn't supported by IE8

Hey all I have methods like this:

// Has Class />HTMLElement.prototype.hasClass = function (searchClass) {

return this.className.match(new RegExp('(s|^)' + searchClass +

In IE9 it works fine. In IE8 it
gives me undefined... is there a simple work around?

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I need to create object in javascript that allows to fetch values
using keys & also iterate over keys. The primary requirement is
fetching value by key but iteration is required to maintain sort order
of entries by values(integer).

How do I go about creating
such an object ?

Programming Languages

I have rows of product divs. Need to add a clear div after every
fourth item. 4 to a row.

I'm using
right now, but that doesn't
support IE8. And since we're using jQuery, selectivizrs fix won't work
in this case.

I've also tried

addDynamicRow = function() {
var divs =
$(".product-section > .product");
for(var i = 0; i
< divs.length; i+=4) {
i+4).wrapAll("<div class='row'></div>");

Web Design

I have some calculations that rely on
window.innerHeight. But as I have found out this is not
available in any IE except IE9. All the other options I have looked
at don't even come close to the figure I get when I use

Does anybody have a work

Web Design
I'm getting in error when testing in IE8 that the Object method is not
supported. I'm using Object.keys()Object.keys(jsoncont)
.sort(function(a,b) {
return b.localeCompare(a) })
.forEach(function(key) {
var val = jsoncont[key]; /* My code here */
}); }Is there a good workaround for this metho
Programming Languages
I am using Object.keys() but apparently it isn't supported by IE8

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