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Sir I am using these codes Code: --------- My Contacts
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how to get saved image from document folder and show image on next visit of url not from parsecd image
by gondalez in Coding

I have one application in that i want to store icons image from from online image path (url) in local.

i store this image in local when user visit another url the icon was replacing with previous and how replace this icon for reuse plz help me out.

thank you!

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if image - show image else show default icon?
by php in Coding

How do I show the default icon for pdf, doc, etc... else show the image?

Show the default icon for pdf, doc, etc... else show image.
Default icon:
<img alt="" s
HTML show image, then wait, then show another image
by albenik in Coding

what I am trying to do is make it so when the user checks off a radio box, an image shows, and after 10 seconds, an swf file shows. I have the image working. I tried using php sleep in my html function, but the sleep starts right as the page loads, keep in mind that all of this needs to be done i

how to show image in the image box without stretching its original size of the image
by Bin in Coding

i have image button i need to display image .if the size of the image button is 100*100 and image size is 50*50 .the remaining space of the image button should be empty.the image should not stretch.
can any one guide me i am new to programming
Thanks in advance!!!
How to show preload image during loading page and also how to show in middle of dynamic conent in php
by toutatis in Coding

I have popup modalbox Iframe which can be open by onclick function using jquery. It's open fine. And in Iframe popup dynamic content is displayed. But it takes some time. I want to put preload image until content of Iframe is displayed. For example:

jQuery - if div height over 'x', show only content within the visible div, add an image and scroll up to show full div
by Hai Nguyen in Coding

Apologies, I'm very new to jQuery.
I am trying to apply jQuery to a div which could contain any number of p tags of varying length or none at all. Depending on the assembled p's this div needs to maintain a height of 45px. If the p's contained therein push the div to be higher than 45px th

How can I show content besides image while clicking on it and show both in a wrapper using jQuery
by visual-c++ in Coding

I want to show the description of the product when I click on product image and it will show gracefully with proper background but not popup. Image should be on the same place, just content should come out of background and a box should appear which will contain both image and description, I trie

Want to show svg in an iframe and show a scrollbar to let users to pan the image in chrome/ie8
by Damien in Coding


<iframe scrolling="yes" src="svgfile.svg"></iframe>


<svg width="2636pt" height="2478pt" viewBox="-1 -1 2635 2477" xmlns="...">
<g id="node1" class="node">....</g>

Any Jquery gallery to show image and on hover show description
by tanminivan in Coding

Is there any Jquery plugin available where I can put in my images in HTML and on hover it would show some animation and description coming from the bottom of the image to cover about half the image.

I've seen that on some websites but I don't really know the plugin name. Any help is a

Why Does Slide Show Image Dispears After 3 Minutes (When Show Is Stopped)
by DaveStall in Coding

Why Does Slide Show Image Dispears After 3 Minutes (When Show Is Stopped)
I made a slide show with navigation buttons, but when the slide show is stopped for more then 3 minutes; the image just disappears. Here is the code I am using:
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