Is there a difference in appearance between Yubaba and Zeniba?

Is there a difference between Yubaba's and Zeniba's appearance in
Spirited Away? A couple other sources say they're "nearly identical",
not exactly, but fail to say why.

Let's clear the situation in here.
Let's have a devexpress's
gridview control in a WIN form. Let's set the Appearance of the Even
rows of the grid have the backcolor = color.whiteSmoke (say to help
the users distiguish the rows easily). We do this in design time. />Now, let's do programmatically color in red some rows that match my
condition in an event: gridView_RowStyle.

The problem is
than the even rows, matching my condition are still colored in

Does that mean that the appearance of the
even rows are overwritten to the custom appearance???

not getting that.
What I'm I supposed to do so t

Programming Languages

What I need is query that show :

How many times value
in field is Appearance and how many Percentage is from the

What I have until now is :

field, COUNT(field)
FROM table
GROUP BY field; />

That show me result of how many time every value is

How can I get also the Appearance Percentage
in one query ?

I try to get the total of records like

SELECT field, COUNT(field) as A , COUNT(primaryId) as
B ...

But this show the same value in A and B


I use Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit. I installed Qt4 from Ubuntu repo. />Version is Qt 4.8.3 and Qt Creator 2.5.2

I also
downloaded Qt5 from and its version number is
5.0.1 and Qt Creator 2.6.2

When I compiled and run same
project, their appearance slightly different.
What is the reason
for that? Is it because of Ubuntu or Qt5?


Operating Systems

OK, I am trying without succes to change the appearance of the
tableview presented by the EKEventEditViewController. I think I should
be able to do this, but basically nothing is happening.


Case 1 set the background view for the tableview

UIImageView *bkgrnd = [[UIImageView alloc] init];
= [UIImage imageNamed:@"Background-Portrait2_Left1.png"];

[[UITableView appearanceWhenContainedIn:[EKEventEditViewController
class], nil]

Case 2 set the background color for all UITableViewCells. Should
be straight forward, but does not wlrk for the EKEventEditVi

Mobile Programming

hi friends...
I am designing a site
problem is that when I am using IE then
every control are at their
appropriate place but for mozila (new
version..I have downloaded last day),it is not showing the my
banner(logo) image appropriatly.
please check it in new mozila
browser....even in the old mozila,it is showing correctly but for new
mozila banner image width is reduced to almost its half length while
image is 1400 wide.
please help me....
thanks for any help
in advance
Web Design
Is there a difference between Yubaba's and Zeniba's appearance in
Spirited Away? A couple other sources say they're "nearly identical",
not exactly, but fail to say why.
Science Fiction

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