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Hi I am looking for help with an xsl transform of an xml file.
The problem is with <xsl:with-param>.

The following is
what I have:

name="$LINKNUM$">SELECT count(1) from
applications</key><xsl:choose> <xsl:when
test="$paramTest = '0' "> do this........
</xsl:when> <xsl:otherwise> do
this......... </xsl:otherwise></xsl:choose>

This select count returns 0 which is what I want but it never
actually goes into the xsl:when part, it always falls into
xsl:otherwise. Don't worry about the order o


I am trying to build simple web application in
I have xml file with data and xsl file to transform xml
file into html doc which will be presented in the browser window and
everything is working fine.
What funcionallity do I want?
want user to enter some text into textboxes and I want this data to be
saved into source xml file by clicking for example Save button - I
think that it is reversion of transformation process (from html into
xml). Can I do something like that? Is it hard to achieve?


I'm making a survey tool. Each respondent will be asked to answer
questions on (for example) cakes. The number and types of cake will be
different for each respondent. The format of the survey will be saved
in a file called survey.xml. So the survey may be like the

Rates these cakes fool.
Birthday 0 1
Christmas 0 1 2
Lovely 0 1 2

I want to pass these cakes into XSLT as a temporary XML document.

<cakes> <cake>Birthday</cake>

I save that in
a string and throw it in an XDocument like so:

Hi I wasn't sure as to where I need to post XSL related
questions..Is there anyone in this group who has expertise with XSL?
If anyone can help me out with an XSL related question, that would be


Can I make a dynamic XMl which looks like this?

version="1.0" standalone="yes"?><CMS> <Episode1>
<partOne>1</partOne> <partTwo>1</partTwo>
</Episode1> <Episode2>
<partOne>0</partOne> <partTwo>0</partTwo>
</Episode2> <Episode3>
<partOne>0</partOne> <partTwo>0</partTwo>

If yes please guide as I am
using Datatable as node.


i use the following code to write sql data to xml file.

SqlDataAdapter ad = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT name AS
[@label], salary AS [@value] FROM Employee FOR
XML PATH('set'),ROOT('chart')", cnn); cnn.Close();
DataSet ds = new DataSet("chart"); ad.Fill(ds,"set");
XmlDataDocument doc = new XmlDataDocument(ds);
doc.Save(Server.MapPath(Request.ApplicationPath)+" .xml");

get the file as

label=""abcd value="abcd"

want to remove the first three tags; ie, <chart>,<set> and

I have a problem creating an XMLTextReader from a file on
disk. Its an ASP.NET application written in VS 2005.

When the
application is deployed to IIS6 it runs fine but when run from visual
studio the XMLTextReader is not populated from the file on the disk.
I've checked that the file exists - it does.

I'm thinking its a
permissions issue but I've given full control to the ASPNET user on
the machine to the C drive, the windows folder and the folder when the
file resides. Below is some of the code with comments explaning what
its doing.
If anyone can advise on the permissions I would be
really grateful.

string tempFolder =

I posted a question in C# forum and a guy there advice me
to ask the question here.
So, here is a link to my question: />http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread190093.html

First, I will
describe the classes and then I will describe the error:
I have a
class Task3:

public class Task3 { private long
m_TaskId; private string m_CustomerCompanyNumber; private
GroupType m_GroupType; //GroupType is Enum private DateTime
m_StartDate; //CustomFieldData soposed to be abstract and is has 4
sons class - this field is the problem. private
List<CustomFieldData> m_CustomFieldsData; //TaskContainer is a
class with 4 s

I need to search an XML file for a unique entry. I've never worked
with XML before. Can anyone tell me what the fastest way to search an
XML file is? For the website I'm working on performance is critical so
I need that fastest possible way to get this data. For this particular
search, all I need is to get the text inside of <TERM> based on
the string id ("entry_id" in the XML file).

string getTermName(string id);label.text =

Here is a sample of how the XML file is

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"
"glossary.dtd"><GLOSSARIES> <GLOSSARY language="E

I have a web method in a web service (in .Net 2.0) which takes in
an XmlSchema object as a parameter.

When I add a reference to
this web service in my application, it shows the parameter type as
"WebServiceNamespace.XmlSchema" instead of
"System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchema". and I cannot make a successful call to
the method.

It is a web service for internal use of the
company. so, security concerns aside, am I doing something wrong?

here is the webmethod declaration:

_ Public Function MyWebMethod(ByVal OriginalXMLSchema As
System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchema, ByVal XMLSel

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