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XML problem :-!!! :
ASP & ASP.net

Ummm, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I've been having some problems with XML. I'm using Java to make an XML file that breaks apart classes into segments, but for some reason, it won't allow me to input newlines.

<?xml version="1.0" ?> - <classInformation>- <className> XMLBuild <superClass>class java.lang.Object</superC

XML Namespace prefix problem
ASP & ASP.net

I have an xml which looks like this:

<Events><Event xmlns="[URL]http://abc.com[/URL]"> <System> <Name ="abc" /></System> <Manager> <Name ="abc1" /></System></Event></Events>

I use the following code to obtain the System node and it fails

XmlDocument document = new XmlDocument();document.Load("c

xml file insert ,update and delete with asp.net with c#
ASP & ASP.net

i want to create the xml file and add insert and delete the node

XML documents and display on a datagrid
ASP & ASP.net

Hi..Can u please tell me how to load the contents of a XMLDocument into a dataset or a datagrid?

Xml data to treeview web control
ASP & ASP.net

i have an XML in the format below
i need to load them to treeview as it is with all the node and attribute name and
can anyone help me with any coding example on how to do this
if i use the xmldatasource ,only the node name is getting loaded to treeview control
how can i parse them
help me on this regard

<category name="nature" id=12344" Starttime

xml and cdata !
ASP & ASP.net

I have an xml document that looks like this:

<OUTPUT version="2.0"> <RESPONSE> <LOAN_DATA loan_id="xxxx" loan_number="1111" loan_type="HE" status_code="OK"> <![CDATA[<MORTGAGE_LOAN xmlns="http://www.something.com/CLF" version="1.0"> <APPLICANTS> <APPLICANT

xml and cdata
ASP & ASP.net

I have an xml document that looks like this:

<OUTPUT version="2.0"> <RESPONSE><LOAN_DATA loan_id="xxxx" loan_number="1111" loan_type="HE" status_code="OK"><![CDATA[<MORTGAGE_LOAN xmlns="http://www.something.com/CLF" version="1.0"> <APPLICANTS><APPLICANT is_declined="N" first_name="MARISOL" last_name="TESTCASE" m_initial="L" middle_name="L"

XAP or ASPX or Mixuture? !
ASP & ASP.net

I am using Silverlight since last 25 days and it changed the way of coding. I am embedding everything in xap which makes me little confuse.

My Question:

1. To what extend we need to write the code in aspx

2. If I am developing and ASP.NET application with Silverlight what proportion of code normally I need to put in XAML considering all pages are fully powered b

XAMP & ASP.NET conflicting at http://localhost
ASP & ASP.net

Hi guys,

I’m a new to web programming. I am learning ASP.NET in VS2010 and PHP in Netbeans, using XAMP. I’m having problems debugging my tutorials because they both use http://localhost. When I try to run VS2010 code, I get some error, apparently because http://localhost is assigned to XAMP. I’m having to uninstall XAMP prior to running VS2010 code. This apparently has

Wysiwyg alternatives? - vanishing cursor
ASP & ASP.net

G'day folks,
I'm looking for an asp.net alternative to CKeditor excluding Tinymce and the ajaxcontroltoolkit jobbie. And yes, a free one there are any around because I'm doing this jobbie for free.

CKeditor 3.6.2 said it had bugfixed the cursor vanishing but it seems that the cursor vanishes still and this would confuse the users - otherwise it would suit just fine.

The other

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