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WsDualHttpBinding Problem
ASP & ASP.net

AdaPost Any Help!

This is my Server Side Code..
IIS 7 at Server

Interface Code[ServiceContract(SessionMode=SessionMode.Allowed,CallbackContract= typeof(interfaceDuplexCallBack))] public interface IDuplexService { [OperationContract(IsOneWay=true)] void DoWork(); } public interface interfaceDuplexCallBack { [OperationContract(IsOneWay = t

Writing to an SQL database
ASP & ASP.net

I have a registration form and I want to feed the contents of it into an SQL database that I created in Visual Web Developer. I have the proper code to insert the contents into the database table, but there is a problem with my connection string. What's the problem with it? (I'm pretty sure the "server" property is causing the problem, so what is it supposed to be set to?) The SQL database is i

Writing each Row of a Dataset into XML files
ASP & ASP.net

I need to write each row of a daset to a separate xml file, which will be named based upon the ID of the current row.

I am very new to XML, as I have never believed in it, which meant it was crap. Anyway, I am trying to merge XML into my programming, and need a bit of help.

What I need to do is select all records met by a certain criteria in the database, store it in a dataset, it

Writing dates into an SQL database using ASP.NET
ASP & ASP.net

Hi all,

I have a Subscription database running and i am trying to insert values into it from an ASP web form when i click on a button with an id of 'confirm'. The name of the field is 'startdate' (date data type) and i need to enter today's date into that record but everytime i do it comes with an error message:

"Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Conversion f

Writing Custom Providers
ASP & ASP.net

I am new to authorisation and authentication. I have looked at the defaultMember, Role and Profile Providers. But they seem to limit me from communicating with my own database schemmas. Please I would love to have links were I can read on how to write my own Providers to perform a secured authentication in my mvc project

Write success message if file saves correctly...
ASP & ASP.net

I have code for a browse button and I wanted to know how to write the code to output a sucess message if it saves correctly.

Also how to output the file path to a textbox...

here is the code I have so far...

protected void Browse_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string FileName = "ExporterOutput.txt"; string FilePath = "C:/Users/oZ012D/My

WriteLine Specifyng what line to write in a textfile
ASP & ASP.net

Hi there everyone.
I was hoping you guys could help me out again.
I would like to write a setting to a certain line in a textdocument, for example "4000" at line 5 of the document.
So far i have this:

void MainSettings::setSettingsToFile(String *numChannels, String *savePath, String *playlistPath)// Here the settings will be written to the settings file{ // Declare vari

Write comments
ASP & ASP.net

I want to add comments in mysite.That means in my site i have the photos,user will leave the comment for that photos and also I want to reject some comments.How to create comments..Now i am using database to store the comments like their msg and name posted timings.But i dont know how to display all comments below of that photo.Is there any other way to add comment?How to display all c

write class file for fucntion
ASP & ASP.net


my project involving ASP.net & i write a code uisng VB.net.
i have design few checkbox in ASP.net and would like to write class function in class file.
can anyone guide me how to create and call the function from the class to the page.
i have create a class file as below

Public Class clsKYC Public Function InfoCheking(ByVal SignVerified As String, ByVa

WPF application Problem
ASP & ASP.net

Hi All,

I am testing our product(Which is basically a rule engine) web application using WPF controls.

For that i require to create Constraint rule and selection rule and following is the tree structure:

Workspace->Model-> Folder->Entity and rules.

After creating rules we export Model.xml and store it to disk. And at designing application we use this xml ref

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