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I wrote a program that makes use of the System.Timers.Timer name
space and it is not working like expected it to.

My program
listed bellow excepted two date values and determined if one date is
greater than the other by using the DateTime.compare method. If one
date is greater than the other, it will evaluate how much greater they
are by calculating the time interval. I then convert that time
interval into milliseconds and send that value to the
Systems.Timer.Interval as coded bellow.

using System;using
System.Data;using System.Configuration;using System.Web;using
System.Web.Security;using System.Web.UI;using
System.Web.UI.WebControls;using System.Web.UI.WebCont

Hi All,
I need some clarification. I have a situation where I
have to use XML files to update a database using vb.net or c#.net. We
have a form by which we will get an XML file in the browser from
another web site. Now we need to run a script to update a backend
access database with that xml file.
My doubt is that can we
access the xml file without storing the xml file on our system. I need
to make the xml file invisible to the user yet accessible to the
programmer to run the script. I know the scripting part but I doubt
whether I can do it without storing the xml file.
I would
appreciate of anyone can give me an idea of accessing the xml page
directly from the browser w

hi i have a drop down list where i select an employee id, once i
click the button i want it to populate the Rate text box with the rate
which matches the id from the table in sql.

i have this so far
but not sure if i have done it the right way and just missing code for
the button or whether i am going about it the wrong way any help with
this would be great!

employee ID:<asp:DropDownList
ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True"
DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" DataTextField="EmployeeID"
DataValueField="EmployeeID"> </asp:DropDownList>
Your Pay Rate:<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server"

Hey guys. I just want to know how would I write a stored procedure
in SQL server 2000 to read, and another to update a Text data type
field. I also need to know how I am able to execute this stored
Procedure in asp .net using vb .net.

My table is something like

ArtID int
Title varchar 200
Contents Text />Hits int
HitText nvarchar 200
UserID nvarchar 20

Any help is appreciated!



Hey guys next question :(. Now I have having troubles with the
IMAGE data type, can anyone provide examples on how to retrieve and
update the image? I have tried the following:

imgdatastream As FileStreamDim imgdatalen As IntegerDim imgtype As
StringDim n As Integerimgdatastream =
Pic.PostedFile.InputStreamimgdatalen =
Pic.PostedFile.ContentLengthimgtype = Pic.PostedFile.ContentTypeDim
imgdata() As Byte = New [Byte](imgdatalen) {}n =
imgdatastream.Read(imgdata, 0, imgdatalen) Dim paramAvatar As
SqlParameter = myCommand.Parameters.Add("@Avatar",
SqlDbType.Image)paramAvatar.Value = n

But I recieved the
lovely error "
Specified cast is not v

Hello all,
I need some help from you all.....

I have
datagrid which shown some list of data such as books.....
before each of these data i have "get details" hyperlink button in
datagrid and when i click the i want to show detail of that

<Columns> <asp:HyperLinkColumn
Text="Get Details" /></Columns>

Pls help me in



hi all,

i want to know how to work with gridview in asp.net
as i am using Sql srver 2005 database.
i want to know what are
the methods in a gridview that we use to display the data in various

Can anybody help me in this .

Srinivas Parcha

I have an application where i need to show 2 frames. the top frame
shows 2 windows media players, one that shows the video of a lecture
and the other shows the video of images for the same lecture. In the
lower frame i want to show all the imagesassociated with the lecture,
so that when the user clicks on one image the video chunk associated
with that image is shown in the upper frame.
The video main file
(that houses the 2 frames is as follows)

private void
Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e){// Put user code to
initialize the page hereif (!IsPostBack){string flcode =
Request.QueryString["f"].ToString().Trim();string cpcode =

Web site Administration Tool is accessible only from the hosting
server. Many times programmers won't have direct access to the the
hosting server. So knowledge of ASP.Net Membership classes is an added
advantage in creating an administrative module for the site.
this code snippet we will take up:
1. Listing all roles
Creating a role
3. Listing all users
4. Deleting a user />5. Listing Number of users online


There is a possibility that the server reset and there
is nobody that can log in to system. I dont want my webpage stop
working at this state.so I want it do its main job.
The main job
of this webpage(ASP.NET) is sending request to a client (via TCP
socket) and receiving data from that client and save them into local
sql server database.
how can I create this webpage? what
technology can I use to do this?


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