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Hi guys,
i have a text box ( Supplier_Name) on the main form
i would like to filter subform by any part of entered charactor on
the feild (suplier_Name)
here is my code :
style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px">
dir="ltr" style="text-align:left">Private Sub Find_Click()
  If Not IsNull(Supplier_Name) Then
Me.Suppliers_Details.Form.Filter = "[Supplier_Name] = '"
& Me.Supplier_Name & "'"
.FilterOn = True
        Exit Sub
Hi guys.
In my database i need two process in the database
one is SOD(Start of Day) and the 2nd one is EOD (End Of Day).
purpose of these process to run multiple hidden queries in back-end.
In both processes there are several queries to run.
I need help
to setup this.i have no idea that how i can built this but this is
necessary for database.
another thing these process execute only
once a day.
after login i want to run a form that will check
that SOD is performed or not if not then SOD (Run SOD) Screen will
appear if SOD not perform yet then system ask for SOD Process to run
otherwise disable my dashboard items.
and 2ndly if EOD not perfor
When I am doing a mail merge from MS Word (3013) to MS Access
(2013) I encounter the following problem:
After selecting
Mailings > Select Recipients > (db) I get the dialog box that is
small and transparent (see smallCroppedZip attachment). It should look
like (see largeCroppedZip attachment) The first time this happened it
drove me crazy, until I figured out that I could grab the top edge and
drag it larger. It is still a pain. It just started doing this a few
months ago. Anybody know what it takes to fix it?
Can anyone help please
Me.TxtNotAllowed.Visible = True />dtTimer1 = Now
dtTimer2 = Now +
Me.TxtNotAllowed.Value =
"You do not have permission to use this database !"
Until dtTimer1 >= dtTimer2
dtTimer1 = Now()
Loop />Me.TxtNotAllowed.Value = ""
The above
code will run definetely for the 10 seconds however the textbox and
contents do not display HOWEVER if stepped through with breakpoints
line by line and the form checked each time the textbox DOES display
and its contents.
I'm having a problem get a query to select all of the records it
should be.
When I filter the source table (200_STANDARDIZED
NRGL) to show the data I want to see (PC2 = 6000; GAAP = 02; CGL =
0950, 2735, 2736, 3500 and 3501; STD VENDOR NAME = blanks), I get 33
NOTE: Had to take the PC2 records that were not '6000'
out of the dB I've attached in order to be able to send dB bu the PC2
filter is needed in the complete dB.
When I create a select query
to the do the same thing, I get either:3 records (when I set STD VEND
NAME to Like '') or30 records (when I set STD VEND NAME to NOT Like
'*' )I've attached the dB - Query 1 is the subjec
Hello, my problem seems to be very familiar to the one in this
thread :
http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/...d.php?t=234613 />Basically I have a list of tables in one combo box.
I want the
user to select which table.
( The tables are stock information,
each table for each different day of the stockmarket)
Then they
select the Stock they want to look at. ( These are the same in all the
tables obviously, so it is the same in the drop down box)
the bit i'm struggling with.
Is for a textbox below to show the
value found IN the table name selected, with the stock selected. />How would
When double click the entries given in the attached database I
cannot open the correct form. it gives parameter value.
help me to overcome this error.
Wonder if someone can help.
I want to open the
dropdown box on my datasheet view subform from the main datasheet view
form when I run over it with the mouse.
From my main form textbox
I tried this code but doesn't work. I get the error
invalid reference to the property Form/Report.
Private Sub
WelderID_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, Y
As Single)
Forms![Main]![WorkOrder Form]![DrawingNo fm]![Welds
fm]![WelderStamp Sfm]![WelderStamp].SetFocus />Forms![Main]![WorkOrder Form]![DrawingNo fm]![Welds fm]![WelderStamp
End Sub
Dear Expert,
I'm getting error 2391 field 'f1' doesn't exist
in destination table
dir="ltr" style="text-align:left">Dim FileBrowse As
    Dim varFile As Variant />    Dim sFile As String
    Set FileBrowse
= Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)
With FileBrowse
        .AllowMultiSelect =
False ' <= Set to true if you need to select more than one text
        .Title = "Please Sele
I have set up a form to allow for new students to be added to the
database. I have connected the form to a query that is called upon
when the user saves the form. The query is meant to take the
information from the text boxes on the form and add them to the
students table. For a reason unknown to me the query is adding the new
student into the table the amount of times that there are records in
the table. So the first time the query is ran it adds 19 copies of the
new student into the table as there are currently 19 students. Any
help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a copy of my database: />Attachment 53736

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