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Start of Day and End of Day Process
by Monev in Access
Hi guys.
In my database i need two process in the database one is SOD(Start of Day) and the 2nd one is EOD (End Of Day).
The purpose of these process to run multiple hidden queries in back-end. In both processes there are several queries to run.
I need help to setup this.i have no idea that how i can built this but this is necessary for database.
another thing these proces
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Word / Acess mail merge
by toutatis in Access
When I am doing a mail merge from MS Word (3013) to MS Access (2013) I encounter the following problem:
After selecting Mailings > Select Recipients > (db) I get the dialog box that is small and transparent (see smallCroppedZip attachment). It should look like (see largeCroppedZip attachment) The first time this happened it drove me crazy, until I figured out that I could grab th
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Textbox and contents will not display
by Blue in Access
Can anyone help please
Me.TxtNotAllowed.Visible = True
dtTimer1 = Now
dtTimer2 = Now + TimeValue("00:00:10")
Me.TxtNotAllowed.Value = "You do not have permission to use this database !"
Do Until dtTimer1 >= dtTimer2
dtTimer1 = Now()
Me.TxtNotAllowed.Value = ""
The above code will run definetely

Select Query Problem !! $ !!
by lxskllr in Access
I'm having a problem get a query to select all of the records it should be.
When I filter the source table (200_STANDARDIZED NRGL) to show the data I want to see (PC2 = 6000; GAAP = 02; CGL = 0950, 2735, 2736, 3500 and 3501; STD VENDOR NAME = blanks), I get 33 records.
NOTE: Had to take the PC2 records that were not '6000' out of the dB I've attached in order to be able to send d

Getting Data from Table based on text boxes
by ancapdev in Access
Hello, my problem seems to be very familiar to the one in this thread :
Basically I have a list of tables in one combo box.
I want the user to select which table.
( The tables are stock information, each table for each different day of the stockmarket)
Then they select the Stock they want to look at. ( These are th

Cannot open form by double clicking list box
by Jerome in Access
When double click the entries given in the attached database I cannot open the correct form. it gives parameter value.
kindly help me to overcome this error.

open the dropdown box on sub form in VBA
by evident in Access
Wonder if someone can help.
I want to open the dropdown box on my datasheet view subform from the main datasheet view form when I run over it with the mouse.
From my main form textbox [WelderID]
I tried this code but doesn't work. I get the error invalid reference to the property Form/Report.
Private Sub WelderID_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As
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Error 2391 Field f1 Doesnt Exist In Destination Table, Access 2013
by changke in Access
Dear Expert,
I'm getting error 2391 field 'f1' doesn't exist in destination table
Dim FileBrowse As Office.FileDialog
    Dim varFile As Variant
    Dim sFile As String
    Set F

Query taking information from form problem
by rancherlee in Access
I have set up a form to allow for new students to be added to the database. I have connected the form to a query that is called upon when the user saves the form. The query is meant to take the information from the text boxes on the form and add them to the students table. For a reason unknown to me the query is adding the new student into the table the amount of times that there are records

DAO Help
by albenik in Access
I am having trouble with the below returning the correct number of records, and can't see why.
I have one table, tblDevice, which has 4 columns, ID | DeviceRecNo | ExcludeFromCheck | StockLocationID
ID - Autonumber
DeviceRecNo - Number
ExcludeFromCheck - Number (1 = yes, 0 - No)
StockLocationID - Number
I have the following running as part of some code, but it is
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General Date Format: Missing Time
by msmy300z in Access
I have set a field on my FORM with the General Date format. Every time I use the date picker it inserts the correct date with a time of 00:00? I even changed the format on my table to general date - still no luck
I don't understand why?

Form and subform, parent and children in a transaction
by ozymandius42 in Access
I have a parent record and child records. After creating the parent, there must be at least one child record.
On closing the form I could, in principle, delete the parent and child (or children), if the user changed his mind.
Or, I could presumably wrap this entire enterprise in a transaction, something along the lines referred to here: http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/...d.php

access 2003 to vb.net and sql server
by christiandsg in Access
I wrote a database in Access 2003 which is shared between about 15 to 20 users. i.e they have similar front ends but all access the same back end mdb
Now my company are wanting to move the back end to sql server but have the front end in VB.NET and not Access. I guess you cannot do a simple conversion so the whole front end will have to be written in VB.NET. I am not doing this but
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Why am I getting two PF & not one PF or FK using DeZign
by S Hall in Access
Hi I am still learning this ERD stuff and am trying out DeZign for a MSSQL database and I thought I had PK and FK all figured out now im am reading about PF and trying to understand.
Reading about identifying I thought the CL_Address table should just have the "PK clAddressID" and "PF clClientID" as the Primary Key. Why is it adding the other PF key ??
EDIT: oka

Leading zeros :
by tjh0001 in Access
I have an alphanumeric primary key that goes
When i get to REF9999 and enter REF10000 it does not store it after
REF9999 but stores it after REF100. Why is this ?
Is there a quick way that i can add leading 0's onto my records
so it will read
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Select query returning the string instead of the value
by Japan in Access
Why is strCreditCheck returning the actual query string and not the result? Of course, this is not working. Please help.
Private Sub b_PrintWorkOrder_Click()
    Dim strCreditCheck A

Functional keys to perform commands
by davidg in Access
Hi all.
Could some one tell me that can we use functional keys F1, F2,F3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,F12 in ms access to perform commands like saving a form data , for closing form refreshing form, clear form.
Or is there any way to make shortcut keys combination like[(ctrl+s)(ctrl+c) (ctrl+A)] in access to perform action like saving,closing,clearing, current form.

How to get a current user from a custom login form
by Kronvict in Access
Hi friends, can some one like to tell me that how i can get a current user from a custom login form CurrentUser() this function always return a system user name admin as default. In my login schema i have a Hidden splash form that have a unbound field that holds user name from custom login form after login a dashboard execute and also display user name on dashboard according to user login

Also Filtering using a check box
by Per in Access
So I'm trying to figure out how to filter a report using a check box.
I have created a form, which if you push an industry labled button on that form it will show you the report with what work was done for that industry.
Now I'm trying to modify it so that I have a group of check boxes; each check box being a different office location the company has.
What I want to make happ

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