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I am having trouble with the below returning the correct number
of records, and can't see why.
I have one table, tblDevice, which
has 4 columns, ID | DeviceRecNo | ExcludeFromCheck |
ID - Autonumber
DeviceRecNo - Number />ExcludeFromCheck - Number (1 = yes, 0 - No)
StockLocationID -
I have the following running as part of some code, but it
is not returning the correct number of records, and I cant see why
not. I have tried creating this in a query in Access itself, and copy
the SQL into VBA and it still doesn't return the correct number
records, any help would be appreciated.
I have set a field on my FORM with the General Date format. Every
time I use the date picker it inserts the correct date with a time of
00:00? I even changed the format on my table to general date - still
no luck
I don't understand why?
I have a parent record and child records. After creating the
parent, there must be at least one child record.
On closing the
form I could, in principle, delete the parent and child (or children),
if the user changed his mind.
Or, I could presumably wrap this
entire enterprise in a transaction, something along the lines referred
to here: http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/...d.php?t=261029
you have done something like that would you mind sharing the
I wrote a database in Access 2003 which is shared between about
15 to 20 users. i.e they have similar front ends but all access the
same back end mdb
Now my company are wanting to move the back end
to sql server but have the front end in VB.NET and not Access. I
guess you cannot do a simple conversion so the whole front end will
have to be written in VB.NET. I am not doing this but what happens in
the future as my database is not set in stone. What about maintenance
or if i need to create new forms, queries,modify tables e.t.c.
VB.NET easy to learn ? I don't know what there plan is yet.
Hi I am still learning this ERD stuff and am trying out DeZign
for a MSSQL database and I thought I had PK and FK all figured out now
im am reading about PF and trying to understand.
Reading about
identifying I thought the CL_Address table should just have the
"PK clAddressID" and "PF clClientID" as the
Primary Key. Why is it adding the other PF key ??
EDIT: okay so I
just realised in the CL_Client table the key is a combination of PK
and PF I guess that is why.
So why bother with identifying
relationship the non-identifying relationship seems do the same thing
I have an alphanumeric primary key that goes
REF0001 />REF0002
When i get to REF9999 and
enter REF10000 it does not store it after
REF9999 but stores it
after REF100. Why is this ?
Is there a quick way that i can add
leading 0's onto my records
so it will read
REF000001 />REF000002
Why is strCreditCheck returning the actual query string and not
the result? Of course, this is not working. Please help.
style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px">
dir="ltr" style="text-align:left">Private Sub
  Dim strCreditCheck As String
strCompany_id As Integer
    Dim stlinkCriteria As
    stlinkCriteria =
"[EntryId]=" &
[Forms]![People_Enter]![People_Enter_Assignments].Form!EntryId />    strCompa
Hi all.
Could some one tell me that can we use functional
keys F1, F2,F3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,F12 in ms access to perform commands like
saving a form data , for closing form refreshing form, clear form. />Or is there any way to make shortcut keys combination
like[(ctrl+s)(ctrl+c) (ctrl+A)] in access to perform action like
saving,closing,clearing, current form.
Hi friends, can some one like to tell me that how i can get a
current user from a custom login form CurrentUser() this function
always return a system user name admin as default. In my login schema
i have a Hidden splash form that have a unbound field that holds user
name from custom login form after login a dashboard execute and also
display user name on dashboard according to user login ,this working
fine for mine. Actually i want to make a currentuser stamp in every
entry when a record is entered in database. i have no idea to perform
this can any one tell me about this.
Thanks in advance.
So I'm trying to figure out how to filter a report using a check
I have created a form, which if you push an industry labled
button on that form it will show you the report with what work was
done for that industry.
Now I'm trying to modify it so that I
have a group of check boxes; each check box being a different office
location the company has.
What I want to make happen is if say
out of office A. B. C. and D., A. and D. are checked and I hit the
button of a specific industry it will bring me up a report of office
A. and D. Combined for that industry.
From what I've figured I
can create a bunch of reports of all the differ

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