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First off, I would like to say this site has helped me out so so
much. I have been coming here for almost a year now. Thanks for the
great site.
My problem:
I have created an Access query, that
has a where clause based on a Form fields that user can filter by.
User hits run report button to export data to excel. My query works as
expected if ran in Access itself. But when ran thru VBA, if i filter
with the Form's dropbox's, it returns empty. But if i get rid of the
where clause, it returns all the tables data.
I need to export
this data to a template file, that i have setup to create pivot tables
based on the data. Everything will be working one I can
Hi there. I'm jumping on here to try and get some help using
access. I'll be posting later to see if I can get any help.
I have vba code set up to automate a query output to
email with outlook. I am having issues with the "TO" field.
I have tried different types of code, such as the following:
MyMail.To = MailList.Fields("EmailAddress")
MyMail.To = MailList.Fields("EmailAddress") &
Both of these work, but the issue I am having is
the "TO" field in the outlook message looks like this: />admin@blahblah#mailto:admin@blahblah#
For the life of me, I can
not find anything help online to figure out why my code is adding the
email address twice, I need to get rid of the
Dear Expert,
Actually I have so many link table which
connected to backend SQL Server by ODBC. In the Access Form View I
created a combo for list of all table name. I just want to select a
table name from the combo and then click a command button which will
generate a pass-through query to remove all data from selected table
in the combo. And then import new text file in same table. />Thanks
hi, im using a front end and back end and sharing the back end. i
have had to move the location of the BE. i have linked the tables to
the new location but when the front end is opened i cannot add or edit
the records. i can view and search but not add??
the back end was
on an XP machine and now its on a win 7. im really stuck?? ive set all
permissions on the back end to 'full access' but still no.
anyone got any help??? please?:banghead:
Please help me. I have five textboxes for husband with the values
typed(HustxtAddress1, HustxtAddress2, HustxtCity, HustxtState,
HustxtZip). I have five more textboxes for wife. I have a combo box
asking whether the spouse's address is same as the husband - with yes
or no. If "Yes" is selected, the text boxes for wife is auto
filled with the same values of the husband. Please let me know how to
do. I tried with combo box change event setting
HustxtAddress1=WifeTextaddress1, it fills only the first field and
other fields are empty.

Please help. Thank you.
Hi, all;
I have a date field in a form fed by an option
group. Most of the options return the correct values, but I'm having a
hard time with this:
If the inspection date (in another form) is
in Jan Feb or March, then return the date 1 Apr of the inspection
year. If not, then return 1 Apr of the following year.
Here is
the trouble line:
class="smallfont" style="margin-bottom:2px">Code:
style="margin:0px" dir="ltr" style="text-align:left">Case 2
(Month([Forms]![FrmGeneralInspection]![txtInspectionDate]) <= 3),
Me![txtReInspectionDate] = DateSerial(Year([Forms]![FrmGeneralI
Hi guys, been a while since I've used MSA and finding myself
getting stuck when converting MSA2003 to MSA2007....
I know the
company software is slightly out of date :) :banghead:
Firstly thanks to all the hard working people on here helping
others. This forum has been the source for problem solving quite a few
This is driving me up the wall now and it's probably wood
form the trees but here goes.
I have a folder under the default
on in outlook named ANOTHER FOLDER. All I am trying to do is add the
blasted entry to this folder. At the moment though it is adding the
information to the default calendar and not ANOTHER FOLDER. I'm just
testing at the moment but I have tried all manner of combination but
no dice.
class="smallfont" style="margin-bottom:2px">Code:
Hi All
Its been ages since I've been on here so hello to
everyone again :)
Im having some probs getting an update query
using vba to work have tried doing loads of things but cant seem to
get it to work, Im sure its something small and stupid Im doing! what
I have at the minute is below and i get an error too few parameters
expected 4
Any help would be great :)
Jackie />
dir="ltr" style="text-align:left">Private Sub cmdLogin_Click() /> 
Dim strUpdate As String

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