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This has to rank up there with one of the stupidest problems
ever, but I've been staring at it for several hours now and nothing
seems to work.
Problem: I want to automatically filter a subform
based on the value of a combobox in the main form (switchboard). But I
need to filter based on column(1), not .Value
Main form:
Field to filter by: comboUserName4 columns.Column 1
is tied to tableStaffing.EmployeeID, Text input, 6 chars.None of the
columns are zero width.Subform: formDrafts
Field to filter on: AdminIDText, 6 chars. />Things I have tried:
Enabling/Unlocking the comboUserName a
I am a bit of a novice with Access (am running Access 2010), but
it seems within my company I am the most advanced user, so am a bit
stuck on something and don't have anywhere to turn to! :banghead: />I have datasets in tables for some price data, which is monthly. />Each month there is a list of unique ID codes for the products
("CAP Codes") and then a price for that product ("LM
Retail").The table names are simple dates (2010 01, 2010 02
I want to have a query which would create a table which
follows the price of each product through the months. All of that
would be simple except not all of the products appear every month, so
when I se
I have a database which has numbers for different statistics and
i would like to be able to search, for example, the past 10 weeks and
find out how many time a certain number has been recorded. Any
suggestions ??
I have this
class="smallfont" style="margin-bottom:2px">Code:
style="margin:0px" dir="ltr" style="text-align:left">If Not
IsNull(strCount = DLookup("[Number_Of_Records]",
"All_Booked_Callbacks ", "[CallBack_Date] =#"
& Me.CB_DAte.Value & "#" _
  & " And [CallBack_Time] = #" &
Me.CB_Time.Value & "#")) Then strCount =
DLookup("[Number_Of_Records]", "All_Booked_Callbacks
", "[CallBack_Date] =#" & Me.CB_DAte.Value &
"#" _
This is on Access 2010 and graphing still sucks ...
trying to do a line graph.
My X Axis just will not auto space
itself for the available data meaning it is showing most of the data
(on the X axis, Y axis is fine). Theres tons of room as the space
between X data points can be shortened a good bit if I could actually
tell it to do it.
Am I missing an option somewhere? I hope I
Also in the graph object design mode, it shows the spacing
perfectly. It does not translate over to view mode the same
I see a "Gap Width" option within the options
of the data line but it is set to 150 and greyed out so I
Hello - I'm having a rough time finding information regarding
filtering using multiple check boxes that are not part of an option
group. I have 4 "sets" of check boxes that can each have
multiple selections made.
For example I have:
12 check boxes
for each month
6 check boxes for a selection of years
check boxes for order types
5 check boxes for order company />I have written code that successfully creates a string depending on
what boxes are checked that looks like this.
[Ship month] =
"1" OR [Ship month] = "2" OR [Ship month] =
"5" AND [Ship Year] = "2013" OR [Sh
I have a table called tbl_courses. This currently has 3 complete
records in it (3 courses).
I have a form with a textbox; the
textbox is called txt_course_total.
I want the textbox to show
the total number of courses currently stored.
I wrote the
class="smallfont" style="margin-bottom:2px">Code:
style="margin:0px" dir="ltr" style="text-align:left">    Dim
rst_courses As Recordset
    Set rst_courses =
CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM tbl_course") />   
Hello all,
I've been looking everywhere to find a better way
of finding duplicates in a table and then recording and adding another
value in that record together.
Let me try to explain better. />example:
I have a table that has 2 columns "Name",
"DOB". I would like to find all duplicate "DOB"
and add all of the "Name"'s together.
style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px; ">
Name DOB
Sam 19761211
Jim 19800201
Hi All,
I'm trying to monitor my internet line. I can now
successfully ping the line (see threat (shell function)and get the
milli seconds back in my VBA program and hence in my Db. now the next
challenge is that I would like to know how busy the line is at the
ping instance. I tried to find a measurement inside my modem software
but couldn't find one. So decided to switch to the next best thing and
measure this PC. In the windows "task manager" there is a
function called "local area connection" that value would do.
I searched the forum and the net but couldn't find a solution how to
get that value.
Can anybody please help and point me i
Hi guys,
I have a rates table with 3 fields : [RateDate],
[CurrencyID], [FXRate]
I also have a currencies table with 2
fields : [CurrencyID], [CurrencyCode]
Where [CurrencyCode] is
just the 3-character currency code (i.e. EUR, GBP, USD etc.)
rates table uses a composite primary key across [RateDate] and
[CurrencyID] - i.e., there should only be one unique record for each
combination of date and currency.
Not every date will be present
in the table and, within each of those dates, not every currency will
be present (but at least one, obviously)
I want to write a query
which will return two fields. The

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