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First time here and I have a query about a Database I'm
I'm designing a Database for my section in work. I
have Normalised it already. The Database is to hold information about
the recruitment of hospital workers. This is not a recruitment system.
We already have one in the office. It's merely to keep track of our
own section's work.
We recruit for hospitals all over the country
and the reason why I have a few tables is because I'm using them as
look up tables. I use tables rather than lists so anyone can go in and
add another hospital to the list. I have tables for title of the post,
employing authority and staff member who is de
Hi There
I need a little help figuring out how to do
something, i've got a datasheet form for filling out an order which
has both quantity and cost.
What i want is if they skip typing in
the quantity and type in the cost, then it will automatically fill in
the quantity as 1. but only if the qty is blank while typing the
if the qty is put in 1st then nothing happens?
in advanced
Is there any way to force a field value to be unique and of a set
length, but with exceptions?
Let me explain...
I have a text
field in my table called "employee_number" and this value is
always one of the following:NULLan 8-digit numberthe word
"External"What I want to do is to force that field to either
be NULL, the word "External", or a unique 8-digit number. />Is this possible? Obviously I can't set the source field in SQL to
accept unique values only but I wondered if there was any way around
it at form level?
Hi all,
I've tried to add some basic login (not really
security) to my database so that when a different name is entered into
the login box a different form is opened.
I got this working but
the login form stays in foreground and I can't click anything behind
it and can't get to the design view to change any properties of
I've also changed this login form to the startup item
so it always loads when i start the database.
Is there way to get
back to the design view or do i have to start again from my
Hello :)

I am trying to use SQL to run queries in
our access database in order to (hopefully) speed things up. I'm
trying to create code that basically takes data from one table and
inserts it into another whilst doing calculations on the data.

However I can't get past this:

style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px">
dir="ltr" style="text-align:left"> Private Sub Test_Click()
strSQL As String
[TempRedAmberGreen]" & _
"[ID_CHK] String,&qu
Hello all
Could someone please help me with the
Table 1 = Contacts
Relevant fields = First Name,
Last Name and ID
Table 2 = All Jobs
Relevant fields =
I have a form with an unbound text box and want to
display in this text box the first name and last name from the
contacts table where the ID in the contacts table matches the
driver_id field of the current record displayed but I just can't seem
to get it to work.
Both ID and driver_id are number fields />Thanks very much in advance
Hi All,
It is my first time posting here so please be kind -
I am fairly new to Ms Access :)
I have a queries that do all the
calculations and dumps the output to Query X for all different types
of customers. At the moment I am required to generate a report for
each of the customers and send it to them, manually.
End Goal: />Initiate a Macro (at a given time at a given frequency) that would
run a process to generate different reports for all different types of
customers using a standard report template. I am also trying to avoid
having to create a report for each customer (as the customer base
grows, the report count will grow) so looking a
Hi Guys
Does anyone have an idea how to determine if a field
within a table is a primary key or part of a compound key using
I am trying to automatically import student data from
excel into an access relational database structure to use the data to
report progress in an ongoing manner.
I have managed to import an
excel sheet with the raw data and I analysed it through the wizard and
have produced a clean relational database with the data.
I was
wondering, now that I have the access database structure defined, is
there a way to now import new data from another excel file (new data
with same headers) to the newly created relational database? I was
hoping to append to the existing data with only new data from the
excel sheet.
To clarify:
Hi I am creating databases for use in a trade school environment,
I am in need of some expert assistance. Help is much appreciated. I
have had some experience with Access and vba etc but I am no

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