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Hi Guys. I'm new to this forum so do excuse me if you find my
question stupid or in the wrong thread. I have a Galaxy S5 (SM-G900W8)
which I tried rooting some time back. But as a result of the rooting,
it has gone into a continuous boot loop. I have tried going back into
recovery mode and resetting everything along with clearing the cache
but that didn't work, Then I tried unrooting the device using ODIN and
the stock ROM downloaded from Sammobile. But it showed failed at the
end of the process. I thought that it may be because I may used the
wrong ROM so now I'm trying to download the ROM used for unknown
variants. My question is if there is any other way that I can use to
unbrick my boot looped phone or will I have spend money and take to a
service centre?

Any help or advise will be sincerely appreciated. It is worth
mentioning here that I don't know anything about whether the phone was
originally a Sprint or AT&T or Rogers or Bell etc phone.

This definitely applies to all sprint varients but should apply
to others as well. A fix has been implimented & all you should
have to do is go to a tech center & let them see the dreded wifi
flash. It took me less than 5 minutes in sprint yesterday for them to
order me a new one. The guy said theyre not releasing the fix but
theyre only swapping devices with ones that have the

Maybe someone can cut out this update if its only code & make a
patch but thats way above what i could do
Hi, i have n old Samung Galaxy Player S 5.0 with Android 2.3.6 />
How could i upgrade to any newer Android Version ?

I read so many things, but i don't know how to do it.

Could someone help ? Or give me an Link where i can find the Infos
that i need ?

Thx and Happy X-Mas.
Can somebody tell what will be the best solution for good battery
life and good performance for s6, which rom, kernel and is there some

Mate 8 was working flawless until today, my screen seems totally Off
but the mobile itself is on. I can't find a way to force thereboot as
this requires the screen to be touched, anyone was a solution as there
is no english manual for this device ? I see a small hole on the top
that i guess is for something. Does anyone had that problem and knows
hos to soft reset the phone ?
I tried multiple times to use it, and each time it stops because
it can't connect to it's server like if it was down. The twitter for
the dev si gone too.
I prepared it for myself but looks like some users asking for it.
I uploaded it on my mega account . Here is a rootedsystem.img for
v15-D. I tested for H955, H955TR. File size is 1.14 gb, compressed
with winrar.

I'm not responsible for bricked devices. Use it at your own risk. />

target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >V15-D RootedSystem.img

If you can't find v15-D for h955 here is a kdz link:

target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >SWS/Switzerland V15-D

There is a new line in "Phone Info" comes with v15-d. It
says "Android security patch level"

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I have a problem with my mi4c and GPS module.

I compared with redmi 1S a nd Samsung S3 and both of them have better
GPS signal.

I have set High accuracy mode and applications has permission to

Is there some ways to detect if my mi4c has defect on gps module? />

I am not able to post images so I am posting only links




My phone has cyanogenmod recovery on it and it is useless. i have
no rom on it, so i need to flash twrp. I can't do that without
entering fastboot and I can only enter it when a partition is
corrupted. how do i corrupt a partition?
Hi I have a Samsung bluetooth capable smart tv (hu8500). Been
looking for a keyboard and wondering whether there's an app to use
Samsung tablet or phone as a keyboard and track pad?

Would this be possible??

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