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M6+ Pocket Dlp Projector with Android 4.4.4 unpacking & first test
How to make kernel by myseflt?
I am a newbie, and want to make my kernel by myself for N910C.
I was build my kernel successful, and got my zImage.
But i have problem when i recompile zImage into boot.img follow this tips:
but it not work.

[q]help me hard my phone doesnt work brİck
Hello friends;
LG G2 ls980 phone Brick ran was wrong installation results towel root after AUTOREC program was to run as phone brick does not recognize the driver driver kurdum but did not get the results phone can not be switched on streaks and stripes thank you help me occurred :crying:

twrp 2.8.7 for xperia c3/c3 dual

cezer kiran

problem whit deodexed apps
hey, i have a problem:i have some apps deodexed and some odexed(in/system/app/)
and the deodexed apps crashes every time i tap on the option physichal button(the one at the left of home button)
in few words deodexed apps crashes every time i tap options
how to fix???


Decided to try KingRoot to see what would happen.


Of course nothing happened. But, I do see the failed root attempt as a way to get a development team looking at the device.

Let me e

I want a lollipop rom for 7272 without any bug
Can I install a rom without cwm or twrp?
I want a lollipop rom for 7272 without any bug
Can I install a rom by using odin?

Not booting with blinking screen
Hello, it's 6 month since i using my s6 edge never had any problem , like 1hour ago i took phone wanted to call and went off when and now not booting when i press power button to boot it shows me boot logo and down is light screen but screen is like blinking not able to show in picture can anybody tell me what happend to the phone ?

Manually Update to D80030g
Hello, I currently am running stock lollipop 5.02 (D80030f) on my unlocked D800, T-Mobile network. I was able to download a dlpkgfile for the D80030g update, but since I'm not rooted I don't know of a way to install this, and I've read if I was rooted it wouldn't install anyway. Is there any way to make this happen? :confused:

[ROM][6.0.1]Full Advance 6.0.1 For I9000
Full Advance 6.0.1

Samsung Galaxy S (i9000)

Full Advance is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android commun

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