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[Problem] can't record screen on s2 i9100 running Cm12.1
Please help with any suggestions
I have a Samsung galaxy S2 i9100 running android 5.1.1 ,
And whenever i try a screen record app the phone freezes
I even tried with terminal command nothing changes still freezes
Any help please

Synapse Kernel Tweaks Question
Hey everyone,

I got a Oneplus One with Sultanxda unofficial cm13 + Lightning Kernel running Synapse as tweaking app.
It's working with no problems at all, the only thing i need to ask is about some parameters i couldn't find any asnwer on.
Tried to look on google, internet, oneplus forums etc. etc. and there are a lot of people suggesting configs for synapse, but not

Blurry screen on Galaxy Note 8.0 (N5110) running CyanogenMod 12

I have installed CM12 on Galaxy Note 8.0 (N5110), but now nothing is as sharp as it used to be with original Samsung ROM; all icons, text, etc. are not sharp.

How to fix this? Looks like I bought a cheap china device, but its N5110 and ive used it for 2 yrs

Also, how to get the SPen apps? cause now its useless, its just a pointer now.


Mobile team
Hi everyone!

Have a idea of a mobile app? We know how to make it!
Our team consists of 10+ iOS/Android/Windows developers started implementing mobile projects in 2009. Feel free to ask for help either with native, or with crossplatform apps.

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Soft bricked my karbonn titanium s1 plus
I have a karbon titanium s1 plus with 4.4.2 officialy
first of all i tried to root it with kingo root application via pc
it does not root the phone but stucks at 45% and my karbon device shutdowns and nothing happens (while nothing happens in my device . on the pc it show as QHUSP.BULK or similar) have to remove the battery and restarts and also i was not able to get to recovery

block pane possible ?
Hello there, how are you ? I am the kind of person who dont like other ppl touch my phone but if it's needed I can share, out there are a lot of block "X" apps, but couldn't find any block pane app. If my english is bad, I mean there are more than 1 pane on 1st screen, I want home pane free for all and others just locked. Any help with that ? thank you

[ROM]Marsapa AOSP KK on Meizu MX4 with issues
i have some issues with this porting. Camera, audio and sim aren't recognized. I have fixed Wifi, but now i haven't any idea for this others issues. For camera and audio i have tried to change some libs (according with more guide tutorial on web...) but the phone stuck in boot animation. For simcards (porting from zp999 and have 2 sim but mx4 no) if i try to change the bu

Powering On Issue: Pseudo Bootloop
I am having this weird issue: When I power on my phone, it gets stuck on the SONY logo.
However, when I reboot to system (either from recovery or system), it works perfectly fine.
Does anyone have any suggestions or can explain what is happening?

PS: I am on CM 12.1 beta4.

Chrome private mode
Hi all,

i own the idol 3 5.5 with stock rom up to date. Whenever i launch chrome browser and i launch a private window the whole browser goes in background.

It doesn't happen if i launch chrome and i launch another tab. Only in private.

Has anyone experienced this ?

Thanks in advance for your replys



Android Ice Cold Project

AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and sinc

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