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Merry Christmas~!!

Google Play free download:

please search: Clover Cuby
Can anybody tell me Why this popular App ( Hardware Info from
JFDP Labs) showing wrong display information on my samsung galaxy s6
Edge as 1920*1080 Resolution, When all other Apps show 1440*2560
Got the T-Mobile OTA notification for MM this morning

After reading in this forum about various problems with MM on MXPE,
I'm hesitant to accept the OTA. This phone running 5.1.1 is overall
the best and most trouble-free phone I've had yet, 6.0 offers no
compelling feature for me other than LTE Band 12 and VoLTE support for
T-Mobile (but it seems VoLTE is not working so well in some cases). />

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it ".

Curious to hear if anyone has all-around good and trouble-free results
with MM OTA on T-Mobile. And if so, is there anything in the upgrade
process, phone config etc. that may be factor(s) in that.

How to bring theme store S6/ Note 5 on Note 4 Stock Rom (not rom
Hey guys, I know there's the massive thread about the ROMs that
work for SafeStrap, but what about new(ish) TouchWiz ROMs for us Loki
users? I've tried a few some months ago and they never worked right.
Should I try some T-Mobile ROMs or i9505? Any help or suggestions are
appreciated. Thanks a lot.
Hello guys. I need your advice.

So I wanted to downgrade from 5.1 Lollipop (official ROM) to 4.4.4
Official ROM, because the official 5.1 is just terrible (constant lags
and issues) while the 4.4.4 was pretty good.

I found a tutorial online, followed it to the word and flashed the
official 4.4.4 back to my phone. After that I noticed that I don't
have IMEI or SN/PN. I have managed to restore IMEI but my SN/PN is
still null.

Is there any way I can restore it? My friend has another P70 with 5.1,
so not sure if I can use that phone somehow to restore my own

Thanks in advance for all of your help and advice.
Hey Guys,

I've been using the OnePlus One (Bacon) for the past year and I'd like
to switch however the OnePlus One has no 'Secure Boot' not to be
confused with 'Locked Bootloader'

I can modify partitions like the SBL (Secondary Bootloader), ABOOT
(Android Bootloader) and the Modem without the phone not booting. />

Can anyone recommend a phone that either ships without any boot
verification chain or has the option to disable 'Secure Boot'
Hello to everyone...

I have a s3 with broken display so, i would like to use it as media

If i buy an adapter with HDMI and otg powered by a power supply

Can i connect HDMI , otg and at the same time charging the phone?? />
Or i need a dock??

I saw in a video of a guy with the dock the phone was charging... />
It's possibile??

It's mostly a battle between Chrome, Firefox and Opera but, maybe
you tried a more obscure browser and it work great for you? I loved
the old AOSP browser because it was light on memory and ressources but
it's not being maintained anymore and using it pose a security risk.
Google Chrome has all the bells and whistle and it support pretty much
everything but it's also memory hungry, it eat so much memory that
other app in the background are dropped out of your memory to make
place for Chrome. It leads us to Firefox, it support less thing but,
memory usage is not too bad. Opera is also good.
Hi everyone!

I bought an LG G4 really cheap on Saturday and was wondering about
unlocking the bootloader. Coming from a OnePlus One with CyanogenMod
13, i have found the G4 quite difficult to adjust to with LG's
rubbishy reskinned version of Marshmallow. It would be cool to install
CM13 instead and have TWRP recovery on here as well, but i'm a bit
worried about the bootloader because unlocking it is supposed to void
the warranty. On the OnePlus One, the bootloader was of course locked
by default, however unlocking it did not affect the warranty of the

If i proceeded with my plans of unlocking the G4's bootloader, what
would happen to the device which would indicate to someone in the shop
or at LG that it had been tampered with? And if it does leave evidence
behind, is it possible to conceal this by relocking the bootloader? />

I'm not too sure what the law on it in the UK would be, i thought
someone said that if the bootloader unlock had no relevance to any
fault with the device, then legally they'd still have to repair it
under warranty. It might be different in the US. :confused:

Anyone know about this subject in more detail?


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