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Hi, i need some help to create a AppleScript to create a new Signature
on Outlook 2011 (mac) using my Active Directory information. I saw
various posts but i can't see aswers or to contact the owner

my e-mail is

Youtube on Safari (Mac OS X)
Hi all
like to ask how you guys watch youtube videos without installing Java
on Mac OS X.
I am using Safari Browser at the moment. />Thanks in advance for any advice.
Xmas offers for new iMac?
With xmas round
the corner, has anyone spotted any offer or promotion at apple
retailers for the new iMac?
WTA Need help mbp battery asking for service /> 
Need help,
bought my mbp late 2011,
a few
months ago the battery asking for a 'service batter'.
so i'm
pretty much clueless right now on where to head to.
also to take
note, the mbp is from US bought it during christmas, gift. and still
under the normal 1year applecare (default).
i hope i don't need
to go Apple store in US just for service.
any representative or
fellow apple(s) able to guide me?
Hi any of you bought the Wrapsol
for Mac in Singapore? Need to head down to funan to get it
applied...can anyone share the experience? Did the person apply it
Anyone have wrapped their MBP?
Whether is it from DG lifestyle's klearZkin or from those push cart
Would you buy 2011 or 2012 MBA?
Would you
buy a 1st hand 13" 128gb 2011 model MacBook Air at $950?? />Or a 1st hand 13" 256gb 2012 model MacBook air at $1600 />Need some opinions thanks!
Is it worth while to get MacBook Air from Harvey Norman? /> 
Thinking of getting and using Amex can get 10x
points but dunno if the price will outstrip the points or not. Any
input is welcome. Thanks!
is it worth to wait till IT SHOW in june to get macbook pro? /> 
what freebies normally do they bundle with?
Is it worth to get i7 MBP 13 2012?
Hi, />I was once convinced that I should get i7 MBP13 2012. But after some
reading, I started to think if it is worth to spend addition 400 bucks
for i7 processor with 8GB max RAM and 750GB HDD.
Can anyone
advice please?

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