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Worth to buy AppleCare with new IMac?
I am
planning to buy a new iMac 21 inch .
I was considering whether to
buy the AppleCare from epicenter which they are offering at $214
(original $268) with purchase of any new imac.
It includes extra
2 years warranty in addition to the 1st one year warranty given. />Does this AppleCare provide Onsite warranty for Desktop IMac? />Any IMac users can give some advice here? thanks!
Workaround for a fried airport card in my 2009 MBP /> 
I think I just fried the airport card in the MBP,
as the wifi pulled down menu shows a 'no hardware installed'
Is there anywhere I can the wireless card replaced? />If it can't be replaced, any workaround like a USB wireless card or
something, short of buying a new laptop?
wonder when will new mbp with haswell sooon? /> 
wonder when will new mbp with haswell sooon? />any predictions?
since mba 2013 already got haswell liao
Wireless USB adapter for MAC
Macbook airport rip 2 days ago. As the Macbook is 3.5yrs old and I
don't think is worth the replacement, any one know of any wireless usb
adapter that can work on mac?
Wireless track pad user come in~
encounter this weird problem ~
When I open multi safari side by
side click ~
Sometimes suddenly all scroll back for all
Is it I open too many browsers in the same time since I
only got 4gb ram
Wireless keeps on disconnecting
Hi guys />ok this is abit weird
i already called Applecare.. their
solution doesnt work at all
i turned on my MBP-r
it will
auto connect to my WIFI
i will surf internet ... less than 1
min.. it will self disconnect
i will open the Network
drop down the network.. select my WIFI />connect,,,, immediately auto disconnect
i will have do this
like 3-4 times
then it will stay connected forever until i
i am using my computer on clamshell mode... but non
clamshell also same issue
i have done this
Wireless IP cam with Apple extreme or Time Capsule /> 
Anyone knows which IPcam (pan and tilt kind) is
compatible with the Airport Extreme Or Time Capsule? I heard there
some some compatibility issues. Don't know if it's true...
Windows 8 on ThumbDrive
Anyone can advise
if it is possible to press down the Alt key and boot up
MacBook/MacBook Pro from the USB thumbdrive that is running Windows
If possible, where can I find information on how to do
windows 8 on mbp 13-inch: 2.9GHz MD102ZP /> 
afaik, bootcamp, parallel and vmware fusion is one
of the popular software that allow us to install windows on
i am contemplating between parallel and fusion coz i
can run both mac os and win os @ the same time without restarting. />i have a windows 7 and 8 professional 32 bit edition. have never rly
try windows 8 b4. not sure if it is fully compatible with any of the
above mentioned software on MD102ZP model?
if nt, i will stick
with windows 7.
pls let me know if parallel or vmware fusion is
Will the new retina display MBP comes in 17' in time? /> 
I have always been a 17 inch mbp user. I am keen to
upgrade to the new retina display macbook pro but I was wondering if
they would be releasing the 17 inch models.
Any comments? />Also where would be a good place to find out what older mbp could be
sold for? Since I would be upgrading in due time.

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