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Where is my mountain lion and iLife?
just upgraded from a late 2009 MBP 15 to the MBP retina
15. Finished migrating my stuff and everything is humming along
just wanted to check if anybody knows how i can backup
the mountain lion os and ilife stuff that came with the MBPr?
doesn't reflect on my app store account and i still have to pay $25.98
for the mountain lion os.
i thought they used to provide the
stuff in a thumbdrive?
can anyone provide some advice here?
Where to mod Mac Mini in SG?
Hi Guys, />Intending to purchase Mac Mini(Late 2012) soon.
Can please
advice where can i go to upgrade the RAM and HDD to SSD?
Reusing from old laptop(Samsung 840 x2)
RAM - Corsair Vengeance
8GB x2 (1600Mhz) from existing laptop
Or is it worth it to get
the OWC mod kit and diy myself?
Where to get SPECK see through satin case for MBP 17" /> 
Hi guys,
Just wondering whether anyone knows
of any shop that still stocks the SPECK satin see through case for
17" MBPs? Also does anyone know where i can get the
palm-protectors as well?
Thank you for your time!
Where to get replacement battery for 13" Macbook? /> 
Dear all,
Asking on behalf of a friend. Anyone
got experience to buy working replacement battery for 13"
Any good ebay shops to recommend?
Appreciate any
good info.
Thanks. (^_^)
Where to get the older models of MBA 2011? /> 
I would like to replace my current
notebook as it is freaking heavy for school purposes since I have to
travel from one end to another end. So i was considering the MBA. I
was wondering if I can get MBA 2011 anywhere else as the current one
with education price is still expensive.
I tried asking some
resellers and most says they don't have the older models.
got lobang perhaps can help me? :D
Where to get the new Macbook Air 2013? Amazon or local shop? /> 
Where should i get the new Macbook Air 2013 from?

given that Amazon give us free shipping abit tempted to get from
there leh...
any diff from shop?
Where to get the bluetooth 30 pin connector? For wireless music
on sound dock
Looking to convert my
existing 30pin sound dock to have wireless bluetooth connection. />I walked the whole. Almost. the IT show today but cant find a 30pin
bluetooth adaptor.
I know ebay have a lots. Other then ebay.
Anyone know where in Singapore can get it?
Thank you.
Where to get best deal for Macbook
Hi, />Am considering whether to get a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro with
Retina, and will definitely get one in mid June.
Does anyone have
any recommendations on where can i find the best deal? I've just
started to do some homework, and find that most places follow the
recommended Apple prices, and just give different freebies. />Anyone knows which place will give the best deal?
where to get Appletv power cord
i need an
extra Appletv (3rd Gen) power cord as i would like to use my Appletv
for Airplay and dont really like the idea of unplugging out of my
existing setup of power cables.
anyway, i think it is way cheaper
than getting the Lightning to HDMI adapter also.
Where to find MacBook White external VGA cable /> 
I have been looking for a cable that connects my
MacBook White to an external VGA monitor but many places not selling.

Anyone can tell me where can I get one?... I notice the
connector on the MacBook White is much smaller type than the new
If you have one old one for sale I am intereted also so
long it is in working condition.
Thank you!

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