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Are you still keeping the faith?
Are you
guys still hoping that TVXQ will become DB5K again? Im just
I really want Yunho to meet jaejoong
Yellowcard - Live In Singapore!
Productions is thrilled to announce that pop punk/alternative rock
band Yellowcard will perform in Singapore for the very first time! The
band reigning from Jacksonville, Florida will rock The Coliseum
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vampire Weekend & Band Of Horses coming to
Big Night Out makes a comeback in
2013! LAMC Productions is proud to announce Grammy nominated indie
rock bands Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Vampire Weekend along with Seattle
Yamaha RX-A810 vs Pioneer LX-55
Yamaha RX-A810 vs Pioneer LX-55. Which is better? I am
using Pioneer 8 series speakers. Max 130w.
What sub would you
yamaha p-35 or casio cdp-120
both are 88key
weighted digital piano and around same price
for a total newbie
to start playing
Yamaha NS-777 Floorstanding Speaker
I'm consider noob on the speaker. I'm currently looking at
Yamaha NS-777 speaker. Does anyone tried/own it? Can give any comment
about this speaker?
I'm planning to pair it with Marantz SR-5007
or Denon AVR-1713/2113 receiver.
Besides NS-777 , i'm also
considering Boston Acoustics A360. Any comment about this speaker? />My main usage of the speaker set is to watch movie (40%), listen
music/song (40%), play game (20%).
I'm open to other
recommendation too.
thanks in advance...
yamaha flute student flute
thank you. item
has been SOLD :)
Yamaha DC2A for SALE
Hi forum,
a long shot here.
Baby grandpiano by Yamaha for sale. Resale
Price: View to Offer (Original Retail Price $34k)
If you are
keen, do email me to arrange for viewing. Lincoln is the name of my
dog, My name is Vince. Thank you.
Yamaha Asian Beat 2012 video
Check out the
latest videos from Yamaha Asian Beat 2012 finals! />http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...G6wtBgkIsQ2KJY
THE XX tickets for 2nd Aug (friday)
a pair of CAT1 ($151) tickets for $300
: Stalls, C, Row: CR
Seats: 14, 15
Green circle are the seats.
Text me at
90056363 if interested.

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