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Ancient Greek fine art painting techniques influenced the evolution of
western art from the time of the Romans to the age of modernism.
Greek artists developed many techniques and methods of painting that
are still practiced in the 21st century. From the Bronze Age to the
Hellenistic period of the fourth century B.C., the ancient Greek
painters perfected a naturalistic style of realistic painting. Vase
PaintingMost examples of ancient Greek painting survive as decoration
on ceramic vases, urns and amphora. Vessels done in the early
geometric style feature neat and precise parallel lines painted with
multi-headed brushes. Concentric circle designs painted with compasses
were worked into d
While timber wolves share similarities with domesticated dogs, the
build of the timber wolf's body and jaw line is usually much stronger
than that of an average dog. Drawing a timber wolf does not have to be
a difficult task, even for beginner artists. A picture of a timber
wolf can assist you in recreating this animal as realistically as
possible.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Select a picture of a
timber wolf that best reflects the image you have in mind for the
drawing. This picture should feature the angle and posture of the
animal you want to recreate.
Sketch two circles to outline the
timber wolf's head. The first circle should be medium in size,
slightly wider than it is tall.
Ska music is upbeat, quick and bright. It is a genre of Jamaican music
that is combined with American jazz. Ska can be described as having a
strong drumbeat on the second and fourth beats of the measure.
Trumpets are featured strongly in ska and generally carry the main
instrumental melodies of the song. To be a good ska trumpet player,
you must have strong articulation and knowledge of major
scales.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Play notes that fit within
the key of the song. (Ska players rarely deviate from the key.) Stick
to playful melodies around major scales. For example, if the song is
in the key of C, play notes in the C major scale.
Play syncopated
notes that deviate from th
Perceiving depth in a drawing is a common problem for artists when
they are beginning to learn how to draw. To understand what creates
the cue for depth in the viewer, the artist has to learn to look for
and be able to replicate those cues in their work. One way to develop
a depth-educated artistic eye is by drawing in non-intuitive ways to
move your vision from looking for a whole picture to looking at a
picture for shapes and contours.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Things You'll Need
Face photo

Locate a large face photo
and tape it above your drawing table upside down. One of the tricks to
contour drawing is to remove

Stryper, a Christian band from Orange County, California, is known for
its shredding style of metal. And the guys who patented that trademark
sound --- Michael Sweet and Oz Fox --- have been raising the eyebrows
of music fans since the band's 1983 formation. Their secret? Custom
guitars. Jackson DinkyMichael Sweet, who as of publication is
splitting his time between Stryper and Boston, spent most of his
musical career playing a Jackson Dinky guitar. Named for its size, the
Dinky is slightly smaller than the average guitar. Sweet's had a
double humbucker pickup configuration and an ebony fretboard with 24
jumbo frets.
Carvin Ultra VBecause of his tendency to bend strings,
Sweet eventual
Genesis heat paints do not dry or cure without the use of heat, so
they will not dry on your palette or in your brushes. The paints are
not water-based or solvent based, so they cannot be mixed with
anything but other Genesis products. Luckily, Genesis produces a large
selection of mediums to use with the paints. They can be applied to
primed wood or canvas prepared with several layers of acrylic gesso,
and the paints are dried by heat. This means you will need a Genesis
drying system, a drying gun, or a portable radiant heater to use
Genesis paints.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Genesis paints
Paint brushes
Heat source
class="error">Apply two to fou
Brass instruments and their respective mouthpieces come in many
different shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is
that playing with the correct embouchure is necessary to produce a
good tone and have long endurance. All brass instrument players have a
slightly different embouchure set because of their different mouth
structures. The best tonal quality comes from centering the mouthpiece
horizontally on the lips.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things
You'll Need
Instrument mouthpiece
Instrument (optional)
class="error">Look in the mirror and center the mouthpiece on your
Make a "buzz" with your lips while the mouthpiece is on them.
Air will leak
Images of cocktail drinks, especially martinis, have been enjoyed by
pop art enthusiasts since the 1950s. Olives are a signature ingredient
in a martini and social snacking. It's fun and easy to draw an olive,
which can be used when creating a whimsical greeting card, or even
framed and placed in your kitchen as a new piece of
artwork.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Stuffed green olives
Drawing paper
Graphite pencil
class="error">How to Draw an OlivePosition your selection of stuffed
green olives on a flat surface, easily viewed from your drawing area.
You can position one on its side, another standing with the pimento
showing, others leaning a
Music uses several types of clefs. Each clef will change the position
of the notes on a staff. The tenor clef is a type of C clef that
requires musicians to memorize different note names for each line and
space on the staff. In treble clef, the bottom line is an E; in bass
clef the bottom line is a G. Tenor clef also changes the note names of
each pitch. Using a simple method, you can easily determine all of the
notes in the tenor clef.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Identify
the middle of the bracket on the tenor clef staff. The middle of the
bracket will be centered on the pitch C. All of the other pitches are
in relation to this pitch. The space directly above C is a D; the next
line i
Both Egyptian and Greek art have demonstrated some of the most
spectacular artistic achievements of early human civilization. From
the Acropolis in Greece to the Sphinx of Egypt, the art styles of
these ancient societies are both iconic and inspiring. However,
despite their proximity, they are also extremely distinct. Egyptian
art and Greek art differ in several noteworthy ways. Artistic
Convention and FreedomEgyptian art, especially statues, conformed to
strict stylistic laws. Artists were forced to abide by rules of
symmetry and were often commissioned into specific works by Pharaohs,
who sought to use the works for symbolic or ceremonial purposes. Greek
art was much more liberal. Varie

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