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YZJ warrants
Paul, u got YZJ?
can read the announcement then share what it's about??
1st time I
tio this kind of thing :o
Youth investors, come on in!
Hello all,
i've been sticking around Money Mind for quite a few months and found
out that though there's threads about beginner questions or whatnot,
there isn't really one that is truly a thread about beginners
concretely taking their first few steps towards investing. />Hence, i'm hereby starting this thread for the sole purpose of youth
investors to get together and share their investing
journey/experiences/progress/techniques etc (whatever you do to start
off with at the beginning back then or is going to employ now),
thereby helping would-be investors or new birds (like me). Who knows,
there may be takea
Your recent trades in this volatile period? /> 
Here's mine:
Frasers Centerpoint
Trust 2 lots
Sin Ghee Huat 6 lots
Cache 10 lots />Comfort 1 lot
Singpost 6 lots
Singtel />Sats
Capitamall Trust
Your criteria for a 10yr zero maintenance portfolio + damning of
Valuebuddies.com is a good forum where
many folks looking to do value investing gathers.
Of them, there
is d.o.g who dispense his advice on and off.
I know there are
many REIT investors as well as folks looking to find good stocks for
the long run. He recently made 2 replies that i think would be good
for investors here.
For the full discussion thread can be found
if the
Are you one of the morons?
Not i want to
point out, but there are quite alot of morons.
Comon, we do agree
without these suc**rs or morons, how to trade and make money ? />Enjoy this video... you can also search for earlier parts (total
1-7) though i guess morons cannot accept the hard truths of the
financial and trading industry and being labelled as retail
Young investors
Im a 17 year old guy and im
very interested in learning about the investment/stock market. Where
can i find more info to learn about the investment/stock market? Also
how does buying stocks work like? Im very interested in learning it.
If i have learned enough, i want to try investing in the market though
limitedly :s13:
Are you a bull or a bear in September? /> 
What's your view of the market in September? />i'm a bear this coming September
Yoma R (QN0R)
Saw this new stock trading on
the SGX today.
Can anyone tell me more about this stock? />Tried to Google it but no useful information found.
Yoma, Keppel and SembMarine
Yoma may having
a breakout soon
Keppel O&M secured a U$1.1B order. 5 jackup
rigs with an option of 5 more.
Watch out for SembMarine. Keppel
and SembMarine are like brother, sister in term of project
YOMA and Capital MALL
basically what do u
guys think about the potential for yoma and capital mall trust? thanks
for giving your views.

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