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I am testing a program that I am trying to run and having some
difficulties with it. If you run this program I am able to compille
it fine but will not return anything and stalls on me...Here are the

There are 25 digits split into five groups of
five digits each...

10100 10100 01010
11000 01001

Next, consider each group
fo five digits. Each digit stands for a number. From left to right
the digits encode the values 7,4,2,1,0. Multilply the value with the
digit and compute the sum to get the final encoded digit for the zip

Here is an example table
bar code digit


I have to create a graph based program that will
validate a zip code given an expression to match eg. ddddd - dddd,
where d is a digit 0 - 9. I am new to graphs and don't know how to
accomplish this. I'm trying to make graph class, and this is what I
have so far using my textbook as a guide. Any help would be
appreciated: Thank you.

graph{public: bool isEmpty() const; void createGraph(); void
ClearGraph(); void depthFirstTravesal(); graph( int size =
0); ~graphType();protected: int maxSize; int gSize;private: void
dft(int v, bool visited[]);};void graph::createGraph(){ int
index; string zip; int vertex; int adjace

hello how do i open zip and rar files with c ? which lib do u
recommend ? is there any one lib that does both zip n rar ?

basically trying to open zip and rar files which contain pics and
retrieve a string array of all the names of the pics ignoring any
folder names

some example source code would be greatly
appreciated too thanks in advance

Short little sound files of chicken, horses, dogs, cars, trains and
other annoying things is the realm of the wave file (.wav). These are
easy to play and guaranteed to confuse grandpapa. Again, we are using
Windows' sound workhorse winmm.lib file. Ze function this time is
PlaySound(). Here is ze C++ console code.

The Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library allows for manageable
multimedia programming in console mode. Now you can mix graphics,
animated or otherwise, with sound and make your game project more
interesting. I am showing an example for Dev-C++ using math generated
graphics, purloined from the NET, and give some instructions where to
get SDL and how to install it properly.

Hello friends,
Is there any problem with "Zero-Length-String"
in C/C++.
Pls mention if there is any type of problem in standard
string library-functions like strcpy, strcat, memcpy, etc.


when I try to assign using the expression: />pPtr->myArray[127]="";

my compiler throws the following
error: "invalid conversion from ‘const char*’ to

Any idea on what's wrong? Any idea on how
to solve the problem?

Is this the proper way to zero the first 12 bits of an address?

void *ans = (void*)((unsigned long)addr &
((0UL - 1) ^ 0xfff));

Where addr is any user process
memory address..

Note this method works...I just want to know
if there is a better way

i need help on a program that uses zenos series
calculates the sum of the first N terms of Zenos series, where N is
what the user inputs. it should be a number 1 and 15 (inclusive). />program should print n terms of the series seperated by + and
followed = sign < followed by value of the sum

ex. />Print num between 1-15: 1
im kinda stuck on this
program , im not sure about the formula to use can someone help? />thanxxxxx

Many of you know how I like to use sound to make the old computer
box more interesting. The midi file packs a lot of neat instrumental
music. It is very simple to play, even in a console application,
using the winmm.lib file that comes with just about any Windows based
compiler. Here is the code. Turn up the speakers and blast the dust
off the rafters!

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