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my output keeps putting out monday for everything need help with
this, kinda confused on what im dooing

class="language-cpp">#include <iostream>#include
<iomanip>using namespace std; void displayTitle();int
getMonth(int month);int getDay(int day);int getYear(int year);int
CalcDayofWeek(int month, int day, int year);void displayDay(int G);int
main(){ //declare variables int month, day, year; int
M, //month numberK, //day of the monthC, //century yearD, //year
numberG; //input displayTitle(); getMonth(month); getDay(day); getYear(year); //process CalcDayofWeek(month,
day, year); //output displayDay(G); system

I'm new to C/C++ and I'm having difficulty with calculating leap
years in my Zeller's Algorithm program (based off of the Gregorian
Calendar). I've lost sleep over this code for the last week and this
is my final breaking point.
I continually get "This day is
Friday." for input 1 16 2012 ... which should be Monday instead.. etc,

If anyone could help or give me hints, that would be
Here is my code so far:

class="language-cpp">#include<iostream>using namespace std; void
DisplayTitle();// displays the titlevoid GetDate(int&, int&,
int&);// collects the user's input and/or terminates the
programint CalcDayOfWeek();// retu

Quick and dirty way to change your console program colors using DOS
command "Color BackgroundForeground" where Background is hex 0 = black
to F = white, dito for Foreground.

A real useful piece of code, hence I put it under Z. It does
nothing but open and close the door of the CD-ROM player, and pushes
the tray in and out. Should your coffee be too hot, you can put it on
the moving tray and cool it off! Get the old computer out of the
attic, we found a use for it! Seriously, just a quick look at the
many things the mciSendString() function can do.

Hi All,

I am trying to use z-buffer (also known as a depth
buffer). I have researched this online and in books but all I have
found so far is a brief description and then they throw an equation at
you. The last line is usually, "it is very easy to implement". But I
am having very hard time with this. From what I understand OpenGL
makes this kind of stuff really easy. But I am trying/need to do this
all manually. If anybody can help me how to implement this or point
me in the right direction/references, I'll be eternally greatful. />I am using VS2005.

Also guys, I am farily new to programming
so please be gentle.


Hi, guys
I never done this before but I want to make a program
like a YouTube Downloader.
I just don't now how to start. I found
at that a HTTP Request requests a FLV file called videoplayback
(without an extension).
If I goto to the request's link, it
downloads the videoplayback file and if I change the extension to .flv
then I can play it as a video. How can I use this in a program. Or
could you direct me to what should I learn before? I don't have some
professional C++ knowledge, and I don't now how much skills do I need
to acomplish this.


Let me try again my name is Leonard Norwood Jr.

I'm doing my
homework where I have to write a program that outputs the users's
weight on different planets.
Should sound familiar

classes, I need to have one default constuctor that will create an
object representing earth. The class as an observer operator that
takes a weight on EArth as argument and returns the weight of the
planet, Another observer takes the rest of the planets, returns them
as string with proper capitalization.

// Header file Planet.h
(Specification file)

include <string>

using namespace
class Planet

Hi everyone

First of all I am glad that i found this
forum...I would like to humbly request all the knowledgeable people
here to express their views on this........

I am an accountant
by profession and completely novice to the world of computers.All i
know is how to check emails, surf websites and the like.....

However, I suffered a major medical setback 2 years ago and have
undergone two major operations and have been confined to hosptial and
my home from last 1 year and 6 months.Full recovery is still not
appearing in near future and as a result I am unable to join any job
because my medical condition prevents me from joining any job outside.
So as a means of

So is it worth learning win32 API instead of just shooting straight
to Microsoft Foundation Classes? One of my classes covered win32 for a
little and I was able to do a couple fun things with it, but then we
jumped into MFC. It makes you ask the question, is Win32 even viable
anymore? What do you guys think?


I just wanted your input on this program(can it be
more efficent?...and so on ). It's a simple program. It reads 5
integers and checks if its an palindrom or not. As you can see I am a

here is my code:

namespace std;int main(){ int arry[5];//holds 5 integers; int
checker(0);//checkes if the list os an palindrom; for( int i=0;
i<5; i++) {cout<<"Enter a number
";cin>>arry[i]; } for(int i=0,j=4;((i>=0 && i<2)
&& (j<=4 && j>2 ));i++,j--)

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