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Im having a hard time where to start with this assignment.
Obviously I did the easy part now its time for the loop which i just
dont get.

heres how the program will run
Enter the initial
balance ===> 1000

Enter the number of months to cover:
===> 3
Enter the annual interest rate (decimal format; e.g.,
5 not .05) ===> 10
Enter the amount deposited for month 1
===> 500
Enter the amount withdrawn for month 1 ===> 400 />Enter the amount deposited for month 2 ===> 600
Enter the
amount withdrawn for month 2 ===> 700
Enter the amount
deposited for month 3 ===> 800
Enter the amount withdrawn for
month 3 ===>

this program contains everything even leap year: :idea:
i am a
beginner in cpp (we have this in school so i am learning this age 15

# include<iostream.h>#
include<conio.h>void main (void){ clrscr(); int years1, months1,
days1; int monthdays1[12] = {31, 59, 90, 120, 151, 181, 212, 243, 273,
304, 334, 365}; int startday; int years2, months2, days2; int
endday; int leapdays1, leapdays2; int oldyears, agebalance,
balancedays, oldmonths, olddays, i; int const BASEYEAR=1900; int const
BASEMONTH=12; int const BASEDAY=31; //Input birth
date cout<<"Enter the date you were born(dd mm
yyyy): "; cin>>days1>>

started a new thread because naru got my interest. please

#include "stdafx.h"#include
<iostream>#include <string>#include <cstdlib>using
namespace std;void reverseword(char * reverse) { size_t size =
strlen(reverse); //get the size of the char *
for(size_t i = 1; i <= size; i++) { cout <<
reverse[size - i]; //output the word }}void
reverseword (string reverse) { size_t size = reverse.size();
string::reverse_iterator walkword; for(walkword = reverse.rbegin();
walkword < reverse.rend(); walkword++) { cout <<
*walkword; }}

I'm getting an error (unhandled exception writing address so and
so) trying to modify a string. It gets weirder though. Let me show
what i've got:


"stdafx.h"#include "commands.h"int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ char
word[256]; int id; strcpy(word,
"move"); strToUpper(word); printf("%s", word); id =
getCommandId(word); if(id == -1)perror("Error"); else if(id ==
0)printf("No such command."); elseprintf("ID: %d",
getCommandId("move")); getchar(); return 0;}


#pragma once#define

There's something wrong with the curly brace's can anyone see where

file for
templates for
Datatype> class LinkedListNode;template<class Datatype> class
LinkedList;template<class Datatype

see buddies i make a program in c but it take enter 1st number then
ask for opearator and then directly tell that wrong opearator iam
tired but i cant find where is problem
here it is :::::

class="language-c">#include <conio.h> #include
<math.h> #include <stdio.h> #define PI 3.14159265
int main() { float firstNumber, secondNumber;
float resultSqrt, resultSin, resultCos, resultTan; char operation
,boolSqrt;printf("TITLE My Calculator Program.");printf("
*****************************************" ); printf(" Simple
Calculator!" ); printf (" ********************************

#include<fstream> />#include<iomanip>
using namespace std;
class lohi />{
int x;
int y;
public :

{ />x=10;

int main()
{ />fstream io;
io.open("just1",ios::in | ios:: out | ios::app); />io.write((char*)&X,sizeof(X));

this programme i expect a file to be created and contents of x,y to be
in it........ />but................................................................................................................ />its not at all creating a file ..
brothers please help


So I've been developing this game for a game design class
for most of the semester. While I'm not new to C++ and Object
Oriented Design, the theory of it is often a lot easier to comprehend
and know than the actual application of it. Needless to say, I've run
numerous problems throughout the development of my game, most being

However, my next goal is to get the code leak
free via valgrind on Linux. Unfortunately, I've been developing on
windows using Dev-Cpp and the Mingw compiler, and this has spawned
some problems. While my code compiles and runs on Windows, when I
compile using G++ on Linux, I'm getting the dreaded...

undefined referenc

i've been at this for an hour, feeling stupid by now, getting sick
of these segmentation faults..

board.cpp #include <iostream> using namespace::std; const int
NUM_ROWS = 10, // Board dimensions NUM_COLS = 20; //
Function prototypes void fillRectangle ( char board[NUM_ROWS]
[NUM_COLS] , int row, int col,
int width, int height, char fillChar ); void displayBoard ( const
char board[NUM_ROWS] [NUM_COLS] );
int main () { char board[NUM_ROWS][NUM_COLS]; // Message board
// Initialize the

Hello, i got stuck again. When i read the text it all makes
but putting it all to use is a different story.:zzz:
Accelerated C++ excersise 15-4:

15-4. Add an operation to
reframe a Picture, which changes the frame characters. The operation
should change all of the frames in the interior picture.

and how should i store the characters for the frame? Ive managed to
change the outer frame characters, but not the inner ones as they are
made from different objects that hold different characters, or
something like that.:P This code however doesnt contain the solutions
i have tried out.

I would be very grateful if anyone could help
me out here, i hate to l

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