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Im trying to find out if something is in this linked list function
and if it is to return true and if not return false.
How do you
find out if ThingType thing is in the list?

class="language-cpp">bool Thelist::Search(ThingType thing)
const{ Node* current; current=listPtr; while(current->thing !=
listPtr->thing) {
}}//**************************************my struct look like
thistypedef Node* nodePtr;struct Node{ ThingType thing; Nodeptr


can u help on my 8 x 8 c++ project??.,

example, suppose the cards are in the following layout:
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8
1 | 8 * * * * * * *
| * * * * * * * *
3 | * 8 * * * * * *
4 | * * * * * * * * />5| * * * * * * * *
6| * * * * * * * *
7| * * * * * * *
8| * * * * * * * *

plssss., help me., :(

Elaborating on the title, I'm trying to complete an exercice in
K.N. King's C Programming: A Modern Approach which requires me to
accomplish the task in the quote below. My idea works, but the program
does not return control to the OS. I've nailed the problem down to the
do/while loop, which does not seem to reach the EOF mark. So how
should I go about detecting the end of file? Thanks in advance! />

Write a program that reads a series of phone numbers from a
file and displays them in a standard format. Each line of file will
contain a single phone number, but the numbers may be in a variety of
formats. You may assume that each line contains 10 digits, possibly
mixed with other


Please may I have your help on this one. The error
1>------ Build started: Project: DXTB 17, Configuration:
Debug Win32 ------
1> Main.cpp
1> _MyDebug
1> _Main Defined...
1> _CApplication
1> _CSpriteManager Defined...
1> _CSprite
1> __CStats Called...
1> _CStats
1> _CVector3F Defined...
1> _CText
1> _CFile Defined...
1> _CMap
1> _CTile Defined...
_CCollisionManager Defined...
1> _CEntity Defined... />1> _CCamera2D Defined...
1> _TPh

Hello anyone if you see this please reply fast:
i need some
major help with some programming and logic code through liberty basic,
My project consist of making an ATM Program allowing the user to only
enter the security code 3 times and it also prompts you to enter a
number sequence to use the following options such as:withdrawal,
deposit, check balance and exit and i can't use goto statements then
it prompts you to enter the amount of money in your account and you
can't withdrawl over that amount
thanks profess 69:eek:

hi. this is my program for bus ticket detail. at the bottom of my
program, i want user to input yes or no for loop this program. but
before i can input anything, it already told me that 'Please input the
correct answer'. it is like i already input something. how to overcome

and 1 more question, is it possible to put seat number in
this program so when the program loop and same seat number is chose i
want to the program to tell that the seat is occupied. thank you very
much :)

#include <stdio.h>int main
(){ int type, desti, time, amount; char* bus; char* dest; char yn; int
time2; double price, tprice; do { printf ("--------------

I need to know how to have the user answer a question using yes or
no and the program translating it into 1 or 0. I know this process
involves a string... but anymore than that and I'm kinda lost.

**Fixed second problem with the if else statement but still need
help with the previous problem.**

Hey, I'm new to programming and I was wondering if anyone could
tell me how to create a simple Yes/No interface for a program so I can
figure out how to do things like that...

I am very new to c++ and we cannot use any built in libraries yet
for the following program.

The program runs fine until I add a
question at the end if the user wants to quit or not. If not the
program will run again to compute the power to another base number
that is input by the user....and so on until they prompt to exit.

when I run it the first number input comes out fine. The next one
that is input, the answer is added to the first answer....therefore
being wrong.

"enter a positive integer"
3 />"enter another integer as exponent"
9 /* 9 is correctly
displayed */
"Do you want to continue"?
"enter a pos

Although, I could easily state quite a few people will be bored
with these, I couldn't find someone else with my problem. The code
below runs, though doesn't decrypt. It gets to the first "Error:
Unidentified Character" and ends. Any help great appreciated.

#include <iostream>#include
<string>#include <array>#include <iomanip>#include
<fstream>#include <cstdlib>//Defines the namespace using
namespace std;int iteration = 0;int size = 375;//char
*textReadIn;string userHold = "q";//Ask the user to input the shift
number.//loads the specified file.char inputFileName[50] =
"task_1.txt";//opening pointer

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