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Are you superstitious when it comes to driving? /> 
Ok, first and foremost, I am a rider. Since day one
when it comes to riding, I am very superstitious la. And I have a few
quirky practice of my own to keep myself at ease when I am on the
Eg. Pillion foot pegs must always be up when riding, esp
at night. Helmet must never be placed on ground. I must say a prayer
before moving off. When I wear my safety gears, there's a certain
order to it etc.
So I was wondering if you drivers have any
superstitious practice as well? Ironically I am very easy when it
comes to driving. Just check mirrors and off I go liao. Sometimes I
Your view: Enkei Rim
worth it? Saw it in
the Chenjin trading..
Are they japan or Taiwan rim
Your Occupation and Car Necessity for work /> 
Hi fellow drivers, I'm curious what occupation are
you guys in and whether a car is required for your job. This way, can
get to know you guys more. :)
I'll start the ball rolling. />I'm a Radiographer (healthcare), regarded as a low skill worker
(whitecrap paper) just recently.
Car is not necessary as it is an
indoor job. But good to have when I get called back to work during odd
PS. Please be more specific instead of just sales, f&b
line, etc.
Which is your favourite car?
We (the guys
especially) all have wild wishes to own an awesome dream car, but we
all know too that in Singapore, sometimes, it can only remain as a
But that does not stop us from going wow-wow over
fascinating our favourite cars.
With so many brands and with
varied performances, what is the best and most favourite car you want
to own, or driven before?
For me, I long to drive a Lexus LFA,
although that's not exactly my favourite car YET.
is your car?...
STOMP - Singapore Seen -
Lorry driver knocks bumper off car -- then simply drives off />:eek::eek:
Yokohama Earth 1 - EP400
Anyone using
Yokohama Earth 1 (EP400) tyres?
I was quoted $450 for changing 4
tyres at one go. Made in Japan. Any comments on this model?
Yokohama A drive 16" 205/45
anyone know how much does a Yokahama A drive 16"
205/45 cost? anyone also roughly knows how much does a set of 2nd hand
16" rims cost? after trading in my set of 15" rims, i've got
a set of 2nd hand 16" rims at $350. is this too expensive?
Wtshare: Parking wardens are incompassionate? /> 
Funeral service provider: Lack of compassion to
issue summon | The Online Citizen
Is like what the crap
Are WRXs ''underpriced''?
Are the '06 model
WRXs (not STI) selling on sgcarmart underpriced??
Writ of summons
Asking for advice. />Kenna served a written of summons for a car accident... Insurer does
not pay the plaintiff. Now the plaintiff serving the writ of summons
on me...
Was told in the plaintiff lawyer letter that I shld
hand the writ to the insurer. What shld I do?

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