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Would you change whole lower control arm or just bushing? /> 
my car is 90,000km now. generally most things are
fine, except the lower control arm bushing has worn out, after a check
in a workshop.
they recommended me to change the whole LCA.
should i do it, at 90,000km?
as it involves more work to change
just the bushing alone. perhaps they see it as a lot of labour and not
worth doing this job. i believe it is easier to change the whole LCA
my question is the LCA at 90,000km, has it already been
worth my money?
Wouldnt it be good if your car is operated by voice commands? /> 
if u say 'Chiong ar!' 'Save petrol hor!' 'Zham
brake!' :s13:
Worth paying $100k for a 2 yr old civic? /> 
Anyone care to share opinion how to assess
if paying $100k for a 2 yr old civic is worthwhile?
evaluating the depreciation per year be a good measure? My current
car which I intend to trade in depreciates at $5000 per year. />Appreciate advice, thanks.
Worth to get this car?
Used Citroen C3 Car
for Sale in Singapore, 88 Motor Trading - sgCarMart
Thought the
price is quite reasonable with high OMV..
Does the COE play any
part to this?
Also any comments?
Worth it to change current insurer from Chartis to NTUC? /> 
Car has been insured under Chartis since day 1.
Received renewal notice with premium at $1050 (autoplus). Checked with
NTUC and they quoted $870 for classic plan.
Waiver of excess on first claim
24-hour roadside
assistance and towing
Replacement car
up to $800 protection
for car key
flood and windstorm damage cover
windscreen cover
Excess: $600
flood and windstorm
damage cover
Unlimited windscreen cover
Is it worth it to
change to NTUC?
Is it worth it to buy a Koup 2010?
Hi pple.
Just posting on behalf of my brother, who is interested in a koup
1.6cc 2 door car at Feb/2010.
Do we have to send to AAS for
inspection? What are the things to keep a look out beside using eyes
to see the vehicle? As I have no experience in 2nd hand car.
Accompanying my brother to view together.
Is the maintenance of
this car a killer even though it is a KIA?
Link to the car, />http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/i...293155&DL=2425 />Thanks guys! :)
worry about car rolling down slope when /> 
Clutch in and brake. Anyone like that?
it is free wheeling
Workshop In The West To Hide Wires
above. I heard lots of people are hiding their wires for thr dvr and
gps tap to battery and such.
Just query how much will it be
roughly? Any recommendations workshop in the west?
Which workshop uses liquid moly for their manual gear oil? /> 
Did a google and reviews had it that it will make
gear change more smooth.
Currently my gear 1&2 quite
rough..is it because the speed is not correct for the gear to be
engage in?
Thinking of using this gear oil.
Which workshop specialise in servicing hyundai cars?? /> 
My new pre owned car gear like dragging....Don't
wish to go To AD... Any one can recommend??? Thanks

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