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Workshops in JB
anyone has jb workshops to
introduce or recommend? im thinking of changing my 08 toyota camry
shock absorber and wondering if buying it there would be more cost
i know labour charges are definitely cheaper there,
but parts wise?
any experienced laojiaos can kindly advise? />tyvm! :D
Workshops that impose surcharges
feel not
fair i should pay surcharge for bringing my own oils n parts. why
penalise customers for letting the WS earn less?
Workshop to recommend to spray bumper in east /> 
today sway sway reverse into a pillar. Bumper got
multiple scratches. The body kena a bit also. Seebey sian
got any recommendations to spray bumper in the east?
bumper normally can collect on the same day or must wait?
in advanced
Workshop Recommendation
Hi all,
dad' is driving a VW Golf GTI. There is something wrong with the
locking mechanism - upon locking, the passengers' door remained unlock
(only driver's door is locked).
Can someone recommend me a good
workshop around Tiong Bahru please?
Thanks alot! ;)
Workshop Open today
Hey guys. Asking on
behalf of a friend. Basically he scratched his dad's ride today and
wants to repair it if possible today. I know that all the workshops i
know don't open on Sundays especially cny but any of you guys know one
by chance that may be open today?
Thanks a ton!
Workshop for merc
Hi anyone can recommend
me a good workshop for servicing merc? Thanks.
Which workshop is good in Sin Ming?
Good as
1) diagnosis of faults and problems very thorough enough. />2) provide good solutions sincerely and most important of all, />3) prices are reasonable and not cut-throat type.
As I stay in
AMK Central, it is the most convenient for me. Thank for your
Cheers and have a good day, everyday! :)
Which Workshop does Wide Body Mod???
guys, any WS that could do up widebody kit for my car? />Thanks.
Workshop along KSL shopping mall
patronize those workshop before? Can share how's the experience?
Someone just knock me from
Any workshp with good worksmanship to recommend ? />Currently under aig and their authorised workshops are :
1. Sin
Yew Hup - 4 Woodlands Rd (Tel : 67600819) 2. ComfortDelGro Engrg - 205
Braddell Rd (Tel : 63837466)
3. Kan Fook Sing Motor - 61 Defu
Lane (Tel : 67479560) 4. Ban Choon Motor - 3 Pioneer Rd (Tel :
5. Shu Fatt - 1009 Bt Merah Lane (Tel : 62730119) 6.
Mova Automotive - 1008 Bukit Merah Lane 3 (Tel:62723892)
Progressive Automotive Pte Ltd - 3022A Ubi Rd 1 (T: 67415336) 8. Ready
Autocare - 10 AMK AutoPoint (T:
96606551/64810304) 9. DPS Body

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