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Words from the MP regards to new ruling..... /> 
Read from an online media:
cars by engine capacities, power output is "meaningless",
say MP in response to COE change.
Source from: />http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-should-encourge/814292.html. />So now who is the one behind this 'clever' scheme or regulation? />Blurrrrrrr...
is it wise to renew coe??
my dads car coe
is going to expire in 1.5 years.. worth to renew coe? i know road tax
must pay 10% extra per year for 5 years tio bo? what else?
wiper spray in expressway
was driving
behind a wish today on lane 1 and suddenly he on hazard lights :eek:
not sure whats wrong so kind of slowed down then a while later with
some distance saw the wish spam the wiper spray for quite sometime
then stopped and continued on :s22::s13:
first time encounter, is
this common practice or something:s11:
what would you have
Wiper scratches
Guys any place to recommend
for windscreen buffing to remove wiper scratches?
wiper rubber caps stolen!
low life stole my rubber cap protecting the screw for my wipers. />im driving a honda jazz 2009.
anyone know where can find
Wiper refill
Hi bros, is the wiper refill
for FL civic the same dimension as the pre-FL civic's?
wind is strong in sweeping car mod
just kanna. Letter come from lta. ask him go inspection. Dekit and go
inspection.. All pass then end up still kanna fine...
was his resident carpark... Be very careful guys
Windscreen Wipers
Any recommendations for
good wipers? Any one using Motec? Review pls. thanks! :s13:
Windscreen/Wiper lubricant
Is there such a
product in the market?
Was told that the previous owner has
applied rain repellant on it..and my wipers will judder whenever i
activate it..
ytd i tried adding in Autosol windscreen cleaning
solution and tried out, surprisingly the juddering was gone as the
solution was slightly soapy.
So i guessed if the windscreen/wiper
is 'lubricated' somehow, it might solve the juddering issue..
it isnt the wipers' problem, tried new pair of silicone wipers but
problem still exists~
Windscreen Replacement
Hi guys,
Is the
windscreen replacement excess $107 applicable to rear windscreen? />I am covered under AXA... have rear demister problem with my
second-hand toyota axio (02/2008), just purchased this month from 2nd
hand car dealer at Turf City.
Went to the dealer's workshop to
check but found nothing wrong with the wires on the rear windscreen
but the rear just unable to clear the fog away... was told by the
workshop that it might be a problem with the glass. My dealer suggest
to break the rear windscreen with a rock and claim from AXA.
advice please?

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