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PrestaShop Simple Blog Module

Do you want to become a successful blogger and merchant at the same time? This is possible by the use of PrestaShop simple blog module. This plug

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Sir I am using these codes Code: --------- My Contacts

Multi-tab Form Validation..
Hi , I am currently working on multi-tab form validation.Total of 5 tabs to be filled by the user. - When the user click "next" or "tab" button for navigation before finishing particular tab, the validation should be done. - The Problem is that if the user filling "tab1" then he navigate to...

Placing a image in the center of another one.Help
I want to place a image in the center of another image,I used position:absolute to do that but it dosent work very well with: img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; width: auto9; /* ie8 */ } So,how can I place an image in the center of another one? What about text,can I do that...

[Twitter OAuth] "Call to a member function post() on a non-object"
I have code which takes keys and secrets list from a database, the structure was described here. Anyways, when I try to submit the form and get favourites using the list, it gives me the...

is it possible to get dreamweaver to break up a blocks of code within dreamweaver?
Hi All, This is a longshot but you never know :) I have quite alot of code which has been generated from an online calendar generator the problem is its all in blocks of code and is hard to follow. example of html code in dreamweaver cs3 Code:

Object.keys() alternative for IE8
I am using Object.keys() but apparently it isn't supported by IE8

Favicon image link show up as product image, vstore problem
Here is what it looks like I can't figure out how to change it to say just image instead of of http://www.xtownperformance.com/imag...om/favicon.ico Image:...

How to solve errors when there is $ inside jQuery?
I have seen Flexslider from WOO with many errors when validated like: SyntaxError: function statement requires a name flexslider-min.js uniqueID: function($clone) { I have to use jQuery and not $ jQuery(function(){ SyntaxHighlighter.all(); });

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