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I am a WP and PHP novice still flailing in the deep end of the pool. I
am trying to add some logic to display content on certain pages (via
WP templates), not on others. I've made some progress but having
issues. Here is the plan: On certain pages with an post type of
"EVENT" I want content to appear, but not on OTHER pages with an post
type of "EVENT". The problem I am running into is that part of the
content is appearing on ALL event pages even if they don't meet the
criteria. The log
Code: --------- insert into t (a) select (case b when 'D' then 'foo'
when 'E' then 'foo1' end) from t1
Hi, Some friends and I have been working on a JavaScript API for
several months which let you embed videoconference in your own website
(up to 10 webcams at a time). In addition to videoconference, we have
also created a space that we have called Magic Board because it lets
you share video,...
Hi to everyone, i am trying to display a 5 image initially - When the
user clicks "next" i want to display next 5 image from database ,
vice-versa for "previous" button.i am trying with the following code
but i can't able to retrieve the javascript variable to php. Code:
I have this code that uses the getElementById method. This code works
for the specified element ID. I guess my question and challenge is
this...how do I get this to loop through all the ID's, to find the one
that ends with "_UploadMultipleLink". Code: --------- ...
Hello all. Here's my site. I have wasted an almost embarrassing
number of hours trying to tweak the two dropdown menus on that
homepage. The one in the top-right I simply want to decrease the space
(padding, I guess) between the parent and...
Hi, Well, I have a page with many forms and finally user submits
those forms with some added code in text form. I can redirect the
user to the homepage when the mail is sent, but can I make in that
way, that instead of redirecting to home page, just popup the small
javascript based window to...
Hello,i'm new to coding and I need help. I got 6 buttons and I want
each button to have a function when you click on it to scroll to a
specific element. For exemple.When I press the button "portofolio" I
want to scoll to a specific image automaticaly. Thank you in advance.
[CODE] Var size = "10.5"; var amount = 1; function addToCart() {
var sizesList=document.getElementsByName("skuAndSize")[0];
function setQuantity() {
document.getElementsByName("qty")[0].selectedIndex = amount-1;
} function setSizeValue() {
Well I've tried several times to get this working corrctly with XHTML
Transitional but it seems I;m missing something... I need the menus
to float left and the width I guess to be preset?? If I float the main
container around the content menus I can't get it to center in the
page container using...

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