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While loop ++ sql statement
Hey Guys, Hoping somebody can help me :) I am trying to run multiple sql strings within a while loop. So instead of doing: PHP:

Data id attribute and ajax tooltip
Hello, I´m using qtip2 tooltips and want to call the tooltip with ajax and a data id attribute. I´ve items "ajaxContent1.html, ajaxContent2.html", which i want to call with the data id attribute inside of my tooltip. Now i have the problem, that the tooltip doesn´t load the content of the...

Resolved Honest Near factors out that a mistake of my own
The Coen bros are nonpareil pastiche performers, capable of burrowing greatly enough into the social gestalt of particular moments of twentieth-century America to provide a deliver that seems right without being slavish, to coat on factors of a establishing without being shackled to the...

Digital clock code issue
I am new to JS and am teaching myself off a book. The first exercise walked me through building a clock, but then suggested adding milliseconds to the end of the large display. for the sake of completeness I tried to do that and its not displaying. Can somebody please advise? Draw your...

Outputting multidimensional array
I have an array like but larger and it could have different types and levels.  This array is taken from MySQL and I've called it $courses array(23) {  [0]=>  array( {    ["name"]=>    string(43) "Conservation of Decorative Arts"    ["type"]=>    string(12) "conservation"    ["url"]=>    NULL    ["

Not get session in my chat apps
I have a website that i integrate a chat app into it (FREICHAT ) now i wanted to make the user that log in to my the site to chat with user name, according to freichat this idea is 100% possible and they have solution for it. I have done all the want me to do but it is not working, so i came meet my gurus to please help me out below are my code.<?php$ses = null; // Return null if user is not lo
TAGS : session chat apps

How to load value to text field when choose value in select
I have problem need help that, I have a form have 1 select filed and 1 text field, I want when I choose value in option of select the text field will load/appear value in proportion to value of select, example in picture when I choose "B" in select field, the value in text filed will appear "1", so how to do it, I need example to refer, guide or demo example, Thank for read my topic Here is I

Will I have any trouble storing 200kb in memory?
I'm writing a spec for some coding I need to have doneI need to have a CSV file read in and parsedThe data in total would be 200kb - with 500 - 600 rowsIs there any problem in storing the data in memory and processing The some of the data in each row needs to be parsed and cleaned Or should I just be storing into a table and then processing? Thanks  Omar 

Unable to get error message from move_uploaded_file
I'm trying to test error conditions for file uploads, but when a file intentionally fails, I'm not even sure how to access the code. Here's a snippet: $file_arr = $_FILES[ 'digifile' ]; $fn = $file_arr[ 'name' ]; $temp = $file_arr[ 'tmp_name' ]; $error = $file_arr[ 'error' ]; error_log( 'the error is: ' . $error ); // ** SEE NOTE BELOWif ( $error > 0 ) {$ui->uplo

form trouble
this is my if statement when the submit is made if ($action == "blogpost") {if (empty($blogarticle)) {echo "<p align=center>Sorry your Blog was not posted due to the Article section being blank. You will be redirected in a few seconds so please try again</p><p align=center>If you have not returned to your page <a href=http://www.sentuamessage.com/controlpanel.php?acti
TAGS : form trouble

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