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Howto calculate first date of week and last date for week in python

I need Calculate dates for week in python

I need this

year = 2012
week = 23
(a,b) = func (year,week)
print a
print b

Could you help me ?

Howto attach a parameter to a link without id or class using jQuery?

I have three links that unfortunately do not have a class or an id. Their href is static. I want to attach the same parameter to all three of them at the end of the URL, so my idea is to identify them based on their href value but I do not know how to do this.

The links look like:

<ul class="links primary-tabs">
<li><a href="/user">Login</

howto append something to an empty body with jquery

I am doing this with jquery

$().ready( function() {

I would have expect it to empty the body and afterwards add an div with hallo into the body. But it doesen't. In firebug it does not show any errors. Why does it not work and how do I make it work?

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