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Hello, Right now my website consists of a MySQL database with PHP...
I have it set up to search listings which have an origin and
destination point. My question is how to implement a radius in the
search parameters successfully... for instance if someone searches for
150 mi radius around Los...
Hi guys I made a really nice responsive email template, works on all
clients, browsers apart from Outlook. It looks a mess! Does anyone
know if its possible to fix for Outlook without compromising the
current template? Thanks Michael
Hi, Can anyone provide me some reference of how to implement tts based
clock recovery for 192 byte transport stream.My clock recovery API
take two interger inputs,one is time from receiver(tts/pcr) and second
is local clock time.With tts I am not able to figure out how do I
handle tts wraparound...
I need to redo this old logo but cant find a font even close. Anyone
know how to redo this in Photoshop? Just trying to make it black, but
smooth again and not grainy. Image:
Is there a plugin for Wordpress that will keep it from adding empty
tags or is p:empty { display: none } a safe solution?
I am trying to set up communications to another site from our student
portal. They are providing an API with the following instructions:
Step 1: call their API with a specific https url. That is to create
the tunnel Step 2: they will return an XML field in the form actual
url to...
Hi all, I'm currenly working on a school project for which we had to
choose a CNN Hero and create a website. I chose Jonny Immerman a
former cancer fighter that helps people currently suffering from this
disease. In his honer I created a website: Jonny Imerman I would
really appreciate...
Sir I am using these codes to clear all textboxes in form Code:
--------- function clearboxes() {
Hey all, I have been trying to create a custom Facebook share button
for the past couple days and haven't had any success. Lot's of people
have tried to do this but it isn't as easy as it looks. This is the
code that has been suggested, but it doesn't work: For Facebook
sharing you can...
I have code that uploads a file to a "uploads" folder on the server,
I want to upload the path to the file + title(title is a seperate
input field) to a table. How could I upload the path to this file to
a table column as well? PHP: ---------

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