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Text boxes with rounded corners can help break up a page. Newspapers
and magazines, for example, often use these kinds of text boxes for
"pull boxes" containing quotes, bullet points or other important
information from a story. Generally, you will not have a need to align
these kinds of boxes with anything else; they will simply be one-off
items. When you do need to align them, however, InDesign does have
some tools to help make doing so easier.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Ruler GuidesOpen your InDesign document and change
the view to "Normal" view if you are in "Preview" mode. If you're not
sure what view you have active, remember that in "Normal" view,
margins are shown as lin
The Lexmark X6650 is a device that allows a home user to print, scan
and make copies with the same device. The printing and copying
functions are fairly simple to figure out, but the scanning function
is a bit more difficult. When you install the printer software on your
computer, it includes a scanning application. The scanner communicates
with this application to take an image of your document and send it to
your computer. With a little direction, this process isn't confusing
at all.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Install the software
that was included with your Lexmark X6650 on your computer. Insert the
disc that was packaged with the unit into your computer's optical
drive and
For users familiar with web design and development, Kompozer is
generally easy to use as it is a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You
Get) application. However, as with most WYSIWYG programs, some
seemingly simple tasks, such as changing the website title, are not
immediately obvious in Kompozer.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
Open the website to edit in Kompozer.
Click the "Format" option on
the top taskbar.
Click "Page Title & Properties."
Type a new
title for your website into the "Title" input box. Click "OK." The
title has been changed.
VLC Media Player and XBMC are free, open-source media players
available for PC and Mac users. Both programs support dozens of file
formats, including DVDs, CDs, common and un-common audio and video
formats; however, VLC Media Player can convert to and from formats,
while XBMC cannot. Changing your default player from XBMC to VLC on
Windows or Mac OS X platforms requires locating the type(s) of file(s)
currently defaulting to XBMC and switching them to play with
VLC.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Changing XBMC to VLC Defaults in
WindowsClick the Start button in the lower-left corner of the main
screen and select "Computer." Navigate to a file that automatically
opens in XBMC.
Right-click t
A system disk can restore the operating system to its factory default
state. If your Acer laptop did not come with recovery CDs, it's
important to create your own system disks so that you can recover the
OS in case an internal error occurs or a serious virus infects the PC.
You can create a system disk in Acer eRecovery Management, a program
that comes included with Acer PCs.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
Insert a blank CD into the disc drive. Click "Start," then "All
Programs," then "Acer" and then "Acer eRecovery Management."
the "Backup" tab. Click "Create Factory Default Disc" or "Create
Drivers and Applications Disc" from the right pane.
Select the CD
or DVD burner from the
Partition the hard drive on your Mac so you can run a version of the
Windows operating system as well as Mac OS X on one computer. The
partition process divides your hard drive into separate and
independent volumes that will not affect each other. To complete the
partition process, use the Boot Camp Assistant included in your Mac's
operating system. The Boot Camp Assistant will assist you in
partitioning your hard drive so it can be used with the Windows
operating system.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Close any
applications that maybe running on your Mac.
Click the
"Applications" folder, and click "Utilities." Double-click the "Boot
Camp Assistant" icon to open the Boot Camp As
If you are accustomed to using Closed Captioning to read what people
are saying in the videos that you view on TV, you can also enable this
feature when watching a video that you've rented and downloaded from
Apple's iTunes Store with the free iTunes application on your
computer. People typically use a remote control to enable Closed
Captioning on a TV, but to enable it in iTunes, you need to change a
setting in the application.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Launch
iTunes on your computer.
Click "iTunes" from the iTunes menu, and
then click "Preferences."
Click the "Playback" tab.
Click the
"Show Closed Captioning When Available" check box to select
Click "OK" to save the
Computer keyboards allow us to communicate with each other by typing
words that make up phrases and sentences. However, we can also use
standard keyboards to type symbols that are not found directly on a
keyboard key. This is done by entering codes ("Alt codes") to insert
more obscure symbols not linked to a particular keyboard key. (Note
that not all fonts, programs or browsers may recognize every symbol or
character you can use Alt codes to insert.) When using the number pad
to enter Alt codes, turn on Number Lock to ensure that your code will
register with the program in which you're trying to insert a special
character.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Heart, Diamond, Club or
SpadePress the
From 2001 to 2003, computer technology company Hewlett-Packard sold
its low-cost business-oriented desktops and laptops under its Compaq
subsidiary as the Compaq Evo. At the time of publication, this family
of computers is called the HP Compaq, and it strictly sticks to
desktop PCs of varying form factors. The current Compaq Evo/HP Compaq
products available are the HP Compaq 4000 Pro, HP Compaq 6200 Pro and
HP Compaq 8100 Elite. Design and Operating SystemThe HP Compaq 4000
Pro is only available as a small form factor, meaning that the desktop
is designed as a box meant to sit horizontally instead of vertically.
This allows the computer's monitor to be placed on it, thus saving
space. Bes
Photoshop type tools give you the ability to make visually impressive
brochures, cards and pamphlets. Properly justifying text will improve
the appearance of paragraphs and assist you in fine-tuning your
designs. Photoshop justifies text by adjusting spaces between
characters and aligning it on both sides of the text box. You may
choose to include or exclude the last line of text in the
justification. Determine how Photoshop positions the last line of text
by choosing a justification option in the Paragraph
panel.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Choose "File" and choose "New"
from the menu that drops down. Specify the characteristics of the new
file, and then click "OK". Alternatively, to add

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