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Do you have a really cool Minecraft world, and want to show
it off? If so, Chunky will take very high quality pictures of your
Minecraft worlds, which will show off your creations better than
a simple in-game screenshot.

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Largest Number Of Remaining Blockbuster Video Stores Are Located

  1. Kentucky
  2. Alaska

  3. Florida
  4. Wyoming

Think you know the

href="http://www.howtogeek.com/trivia/the-largest-number-of-remaining-blockbuster-video-stores-are-located-in/"> src="http://cdn8.howtogeek.com/geekers/up/readmore-button.png"
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I am currently able to start a game with Play on Linux but
it always displays the game full screen on my second monitor.

Is there a way to configure Play on Linux or wine to
specify which monitor to display on?

Could someone tell me how I sort the email addresses I have put in
the BCC field in alphabetical order? I have sent an e-mail to a large
number of people that I have exported from a database. I need to put
these in alphabetical order so that I can find individual people and
check there is no duplication. I can't see this option anywhere.
Many thanks.

I followed the Arch beginner's wiki to install on VMWare player
(host is Windows 7) Arch without x-server and I would like to know how
I can change the resolution of what I think is called the TTY to make
the VMWare window fit better on my desktop. Currently it takes about
80% of my 1600x900 resolution. I'd like for it to look like a normal
open console window.

I found the python version is old on our cluster. How to install
python on AIX without root? Could you provide some guidance.

I recently upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 and received a warning
that SecureBoot was not properly configured. I proceeded to try
correcting this by installing the default keys from the BIOS and
enabling SecureBoot.

After saving these settings and restarting, my system took
significantly longer than normal (5 minutes) to boot, though Windows
no longer showed the watermark/warning about SecureBoot.

After another restart, my system no longer boots into the OS, nor
does it show any video on screen during POST or startup. I can tell
that it is not making it to the point of loading the OS, as it shuts
off instantly if I press the power button (which only happens when it
is still in the boot process before things have been handed off to the
OS). I have tried leaving it for many hours, and on each reboot
attempt it seems to just stall somewhere in the boot process.

I tried removing the CMOS battery and draining flea power in an
attempt to restore factory default settings on the motherboard, but
this didn't seem to be effective (unless I needed to leave the battery
out longer than a minute).

How can I disable this SecureBoot setting if I'm unable to get into
the system's BIOS settings?

Using a Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 with latest UEFI BIOS release, can
update with additional components as needed.

Having trouble with an Acer Aspire 5742. After pressing the power
button the screen backlight comes on but it stays black. The
Windows(7) chime sounds and when plugged into an external VGA display
everything shows fine. I've checked all the ribbon connections and
also just replaced the screen. Have run Malware Bytes too. Display
is still not working.

Any ideas?


I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 recently, and am looking to
burn some .iso files. In Windows 7, there was a default program that I
could use. I have dug around a bit, but cannot find one in Windows 10
so far. Although, a bunch of search functionality seems to be disabled
on my machine, so I may just be searching incorrectly.

Is there a disc image burning program bundled in Windows 10 like
there was in Windows 7?

Image of what I see: href="http://i.stack.imgur.com/a65Iz.png"> src="http://i.stack.imgur.com/a65Iz.png" alt="Explorer">

I have two cells in Excel that are for dates (date billed and date
paid). I need the date billed cell (say A1) to fill red
if it contains a date and that date
is older than 30 days and nothing has been entered in
the date paid cell (say B1).

Once I enter a date in the date paid cell (B1) then the color
should disappear.

Does anyone know how I could do that?

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