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How to create a rule that changes a cell based on its previous value

I am trying to create a rule such that if the cell value changes, it would change color based on its previous value. for example If it's previous value was less than its new value then i want it to change to blue else if he value is greater i want to change it to green. If its the same change it to orange. I guess i am trying to compare the cell to it's self rather than to another cell. Is this

Create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive (UEFI) from Linux

How can I create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive from Linux ?

Please note:

  • WinUSB doesn't work with Windows 10.
  • UNetbootin doesn't work either.
  • dd method didn't work as well.

Beside this, I've tried creating a GPT partition table and one partition of type ef00 and formatted as fat32, and then copied all ISO contents to it. It b

Copy paste from spreadsheet to browser list

I have a form in browser (Google Chrome or FireFox) like the one shown below.

enter image description

The Student No and Name of the Student fields are not editable. I need to key-in numbers to the <

Why some programs need a Path value, and some others don't in Windows?

Why When I install Composer on Windows 7/8/10, or some UNIX-suited programs like GNU Tar, I need to set their Path value, and if I don't, it won't be usable by other programs?

Write output of Windows Batch file command to text file?

I want to write the output of a robocopy command into a text file to see which files were copied.

I tried robocopy drive: destination: /e /v>log.txt and robocopy drive: destination: /e /v /l>log.txt but none of these commands worked.

Edit: I also tried both commands with >>log.txt instead of >log.txt.

Block facebook messenger and whatsApp on Dlink router

I would like to Block facebook messenger and whatsApp on my Dlink router DSL-2730U I googled the same and tried some of the methods but not a single one worked. It's really important as I want to keep my children at bay from online stalkers.

Bootable DVD won't boot on my laptop

So I burned BackTrack 5 R3 on a DVD and hoped to use it on my new laptop but some Problems occured. I made a bootable DVD and the laptop was setup to first check the CD/DVD and then the hard drive. But it wouldn't boot. I then went into the boot options and there I couldn't find my DVD to boot from. At first I thought I didn't burn the CD correctly but I tried it on my fathers PC and it worked

SSD reinstall questions

I am soon going to be installing a SSD into my system. Preferably I want to do a clean install on it. I have some questions regarding whether my current route would be the correct way to do this:

1) Plug in SSD

2) Unplug HDD

3) Insert USB Stick with Windows install

4) Install Windows on SSD

5) Plug in HDD again

However, I suppose the HDDs data wil

How to see the details of system process resource usage?

In task manager the is a process called "system". it uses resources but I want to know what is it? and what causes to use this amount of memory, cpu or disk. what should I do?

Clonezilla - dual boot - clone hdd to ssd

I have a windows 10 + ubuntu 15.10 in a dual boot mode on my laptop. My HDD is 1GB and my SSD is 250GB. I managed to shrink my data in my HDD to be of size 226GB(all the other space is unallocated) enter image description
here Now, I want to move the whole disk to the SSD. When I

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