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Excel export batch of columns from one worksheet

I have a large Excel worksheet with 1872 columns. I want to export columns 1-6 as a csv and then repeat this process for the entire worksheet.

All of the data is in one worksheet, there are no null values in any of the rows or columns.

So in total there will be 312 csv files.

Thank you very much for any input or help with this question.

UEFI-Firmware corrupted? How to repair or flash?


After i ran Windows-To-Go from an external hdd my UEFI firmware probably got heavily corrupted. Neither wireless, nor ethernet, nor bluetooth, nor touchpad are recognized anymore. This has beeen tried in Windows and Arch Linux.

For a more detailed description of symptoms: Wi-fi AP disappears after connecting to mobile hotspot


My Windows laptop is connected to my home wi-fi AP. The wi-fi router has both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, and I can see both stations, plus a list of those in the neighborhood when I click the network icon in the System Notification area.

I then set up my Android phone as a hot-spot. I connect my lap-top to the hot-spot. Everything works out fine.

After working for about 30 minutes w

Extract a key without a certificate from the NSS db

I got stuck with a private key only in my NSS database, without a corresponding certificate. pk12util, which I normally use when I need to export things from the db, refuses to export the key without a matching certificate.

This should be technically possible, although I don’t feel like writing a program using the NSS API myself. Is there an existing tool that can do this

os x unable to open bootcache.playlist

I have rebooted an iMac after it froze. The boot up fails with errors

Bootcachecontrol unable to open /var/db/bootcache.playlist: No such file or directory. Bootcachecontrol unable to open /var/db/preheateduser/merged.playlist: No such file or directory.

I found that I should be able to delete /etc/launchd.conf to get it up and running again, but there is no such file on the dis

Windows 7 + bluetooth headphones sound plays just from 1 application

I have bluetooth speakers (Bluedio Revolution). Everything works fine if I use just 1 application but if I start another one then the sound can play only 1 source of sound. For example: I am listening music online via Firefox browser. Then I am starting Chrome browser and launch youtube. Then the music from Firefox stops playing and the sound "switches" to the youtube. Is it possible to play so

How to edit previous "omnibar" search in Chrome. (à la Safari)

It has been said elsewhere (sorry can't find my references) that Control + e and/or Control+k, or even F6 allow you to "jump" to the "Search" box in an existing Google search results page (this is in Chrome). However, none of these combos work for me (even when using Command in lieu of Control

meaning of "a user's browser" in Microsoft Security Update description

I have a bunch of Security Updates in queue for Windows 7, affecting various versions of the .NET framework. I read some of the descriptions. Here's one:

This update resolves vulnerabilities in the Microsoft .NET Framework. The most severe of these vulnerabilities could allow elevation of privilege if an attacker injects a client-side script into a user's browser.

How do I permanently delete Skype groups I've left?

I have several defunct Skype groups of which I am/was an admin. I've already kicked the members and for some of them, left the group myself. However, I still see the groups on my contact list.

I've tried hiding the conversations but these groups are still searchable and still exist. How do I get rid of them permanently?

What You Need to Know Before Flying a Drone (To Stay Out of Trouble)

Drones are awesome fun. They can bring out the inner kid in even the most jaded individual, but they can also land people in a lot of trouble. Here are some things every new drone owner should know before taking to the skies.

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