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Convert postgresql functions to mysql
I can't find any conversion tools that will convert postgresql functions/stored procedures to mysql.
Has anyone achieved this in some way?
My functions are very simple like below, but I have 100s of them so need a way to do in bulk, even if it's by copying and replacing text in the dump file
Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]SXBB[id].writeCmd();Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show ]CREATE OR REPL

Need to insert two columns from one table another only if th
I want to enhance this mysql sql statement so that the two columns are only inserted if they don't already exist as a pair in the table.
insert into ingredient_owner (ingredient,owner) select distinct ing, (select owner from recipe where id=recipe_ing.recipe) as owner from recipe_ing where ing is not null;

converting a php script for mySql to microsoft sql
I have a script that is designed to work with mysql and i need it to work with microsoft sql. I have already built a web app using mvc and have it connecting to the database. i have also built a mobile app using a software called App inventor 2 shich just uses code blocks. I need the mobile app to connect to the same database but in order to do so i have to use a php script but the problem is this

Sql video tutorial?
I was watching this forum for a while now and I'm wondering.. Can any one recommend me a good video sql tutorial?
I'v used the search button and didn't find nothing helpful. Any links? Names?
Remember a beaginers guide step by step!
Ofc I could google it but it's better to ask experienced ppl ^^

Need some help stopping multiple signups.. php/mssql
It's been a couple years now since I've worked on website on a daily basic.. I thought you could never really forget how to program, but I am running a small project now and I am moreless confused on how to fix an issue..
I have a simple signup page requesting a username, password, password2 and email. I currently check only to see if the username exists and show an error if it does.

Table row is not adding !!!
I'm a learner of PHP and MySQL. For learning purpose I'm trying to enter a table row using Terminal. But unfortunately, the row is not adding to the table and there is no confirmation. The code is below :
Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show ]INSERT INTO aliens_abduction (first_name, last_name, when_it_happened, how_long, how_many, alien_description, what_they_did, fan

Multi DB connection, locally, won't connect to 2nd DB
Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show ]$dbuk = mysql_connect("localhost","root","")or die ('Could not connect to site1.co.uk');
$db2uk = mysql_connect("localhost","root","")or die ('Could not connect to site2.co.uk');
mysql_select_db('site1', $dbuk) or die ('Could no

INSERT Query via CSV taking ages
I am trying to upload a 350,000 line CSV file.
Each row is checking that it doesn't exist already (to avoid duplicates), and then remove the " at the end of the run.
I thought it would take maybe a minute or two. It's taking a lot longer. Is my script badly done, causing it to be slow?
Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]SXBB[id].writeCmd();Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show ]if ($update ==

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