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output sql statement in a textbox?
hi, /> i want to know how to output the selected record in textboxes
txtaddress = "select address from
customers where customerid=txtcustomer"
but this does not
work... help pls
updating other field when combobox change? /> 
i wanted to ask how to update the data when
i change the combobox.
because in my form when i change the
combobox "id" other field like name,address is not changing
according to id...
help pls
Getting rid of user security
I have secured
my database with the user level security wizard. Now what are the
steps to take to unsecure the database? Why would I want to do this?
Because I want to deliver the application to my employer unsecured and
then run the security wizard on their computer.
Thanks -
Grouping in reports
I have a report
which displays the details of any students meeting certain criteria
(have participated in courses between certain dates). However, if they
meet this criteria more than once (ie. have participated in more than
one course) then their name will be listed several times.
What I
want is for each student to be listed once.
Ive tried setting a
count total for the student ID in the underlying query, but this does
not appear to achieve anything.
Can anyone suggest what I could
weighted search on fulltext index
Server 2005:
Anyone know how best to rewrite this SQL string to
perform a weighted search on my table?
heres my code:
style="margin:20px; margin-top:5px">
dir="ltr" style="text-align:left">SQL="SELECT RecipeName FROM
recipeList WHERE FREETEXT(*,ISABOUT " & ing01 & "
WEIGHT (.1) or " & ing02 & " WEIGHT (.2) or "
& ing03 & " WEIGHT (.3) or " & ing04 &
" WEIGHT (.4) or " & ing05 & " WEIGHT
Replication Preparation
Morning Guys, />If one was preparing to Replicate a database and need to know how
much more size would be needed to accomadate the distribution database
and its transaction logs etc... what performance counters would you
set to gather this information and or tools...?
thanks, />Jonathan Marshall

Display current password for user account /> 
Hi everyone -
Is there a way to display the
current password for a user account
on SQL server 2000??? />thanks
CmdExec Job Step in Sql Server2000
for the invitation to post a question, so I will post one.
I need
to create a job step that uses cmdExec.
This is the command line
I entering:
When I run this job the job fails. When I look at
the job history, the only information I get is the date and time, user
that ran the job and the fact that it failed. I havent been able to
get any CmdExec job to run at all. Can anyone tell me what Im doing
1. This exact same command is used by my
network administrator usi
[question] Index on Multiple fields - how does it work? /> 
Lets say I have ONE index on the combined columns:
FirstName, LastName
If I do a SELECT using only LastName in my
WHERE clause, will my query use the index?
-The Le
Limit on SQL Query Strings length?
Is there
a maximum permissible length for a SQL query in Oracle? I have a query
(dynamic query) which goes beyond 6000 characters and this query fails
during execution.
Could someone let me know whether there is a
limit and if yes, how to find and modify the limit?
Thanks, />Apache

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