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Howto handle a data stream over a fragile connection with Node.js?

I would like to start using Node.js for a project I'll be working on.

I have streaming position information in an electric car, and I'd like to store this locally on a small database in the car and synchronize it over a (fragile) 3G connection, when this connection is up, to a server with a large DB. So:

Car Os 3G Server OS
Data stream --->

Howto get newest dataset with SQL join?

I have got the following join:

SELECT l.cFirma AS Lieferant,
SUM(la.fEKNetto) AS Verbindlichkeiten,
l.kLieferant AS Lieferanten_ID,
100 - gk1.fFaktor * 100 AS Grundkondition,
MAX(gk1.dDatum) AS Datum
FROM tBestellung b, tArtikel a, tBestellpos p, tLieferant l, tLiefArtikel la, tGrundkondition gk1

HOWTO get distinct characters of string column in mssql

hy there!


| name
| Josef Knoller
| Josef Somos
| KFZ Wiesauer

wanted result:


(case in the result does not matter - it was just easier holding the UPPER key while writing)

is there any way to do this in mssql?


HowTo Generate List of SQL Server Jobs and their owners

How would I go about generating a list of sql jobs and their owners? I would also like to be able to generate this list for SSIS packages also.


Howto find a maximum value for attribute pairs in an MYSQL?

I have a table with log data, of this form:

Date Time Device Configuration
01.01.2012 12.00 8193 12345
01.01.2012 12.15 8193 12345
01.01.2012 12.35 8193 22375
01.01.2012 12.37 7191 32335

I need the maximum Configuration, on each Day, for each device:

Date Device Configuration

Howto call views inside another SELECT statement (SQL Server)?

I created a view. The view's Query works fine. Now I want to write another Query which uses the first one. As far as I know it should look like this:


Now there is an Error returned: "Ungültiger Objektname 'myView'" in English its something like "unvalid object name 'myView'.

How do I refer to or call views the right way? I#M

howto avoid massive notification in DataBinding

I guess it's quite a common problem in databinding scenarios.
What do you usually do, if you are running a batch update and want to avoid that a propertychanged-dependend calculations/actions/whatever are executed for every single update?

The first thing which usually comes to my mind, is to either introduces a new boolean or unhook/hook the eventhandler, ...

What I

Howto add a string to the 'type <filename>' DOS command before merging into file?

Question: I've several text files containing sql create table/column/view/storedProcedure textfiles. Now I want to merge the textfiles into one textfile.

I go into the directory, and type:

type *.sql >> allcommands.sql

Now to problem is I should add the text ' GO ' after every file's content.

I can append Go by doing

Hows does Drupal 6 interact with MySQL for connections and transactions?

Hows does Drupal 6 interact with MySQL for connections and transactions? Does connection pooling get used? How are transactions handled? At what level are these things managed by Drupal vs being handed off to be handled by MySQL?

I did a good amount of searching on the web and within Stack Overflow, but mainly, I only found articles for tweaking Drupal performance and scaling nee

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