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CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW in production applications
Hello Everyone:
Before doing this I want to make sure it will work in a robust production application, so I'm posting this and hoping for some good advice.
Goal: To display a list of all possible activity participants and check only those participants who are active
My current approach is as follows:
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW selecting from list of active participants - (VW_Activi

[SOLVED] Implementation of PM
Hi everyone, i have db
id; INT
title; TEXT
lastMessage; INT

id; INT
dialogId; INT
user; INT
haveNewMsg; BOOL

id; INT
time; INT
msgText; TEXT
dialogId; INT
user; INT
isNewMsg; BOOL
How I can get dialogId, which contains some users?

Selecting results for each person in the database
So this works great for one person when you type thier name in name here but how do I get it to print the results for each person in the table personnel? I've tryed SELECT name FROM personnel Where name between 1 and 90 and it prints out all of the names and then i changed the name here filed to $name but is prints out zeros. please help
Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]SXBB[id].writeCmd();Syntax

Some unclear questions about db construction
1) i have feedbacks on the site. Should I dublicate information: i have itemId column (item id on which is written a feedback). Using it I can find out a seller. Should i create each one column for a seller or i need to find out it every time using itemId?
2) I have soldItems table. Inside contains information about purchases. A seller and for a buyer has some operations (deleting, archiving

Making MySQL SELECT query base on selection list
I am trying to make query to a MySQL database to return all columns in a table based on the selected element in a selection list. The query appears to be successful although it is not returning any columns in the query. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Here is what the selection list looks like:
Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]SXBB[id].writeCmd();Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show ]

Storing image pathes in a database
Hi all,
I have an internet store and i need to store images of an item in db. I think that I need to store pathes, but not images (because there will be right load on db, i must to distribute it on db and fs). But how i can store that? I have a varuant with storing like "url;url", but it is a good way?

Getting Database values and deducting
Hello people, I've 1 database with 2 tables, the first one has IDs of the a person, the name of this person. The second one also has the ID of the person and the name, but the second one might not have all names or IDs that are stored in the table nr1. What I would like to do, is: get the IDs/names of the one that are not in the table 2.

How do I count the 13th entry (and those after) in the DB?
I need to show a user if the products they have promoted on a homepage, are no longer showing.
On the homepage, it orders by dateadded DESC and limits it to 12. So I need to tell a user if any of their products are the 13th + (ie, not being shown on homepage).
So if it could query the DB, order by dateadded DESC, and skip the first 12. And for those after, it then shows a warning on sc

MySQL event not working
I am trying to create an event in MySQL that runs once per hour and will delete records that have a timestamp of at least an hour older than the current time minus two hours; however, the script I have written does not accomplish this. The idea is to purge invoice transactions that have not completed within a reasonable amount of time.
With the following script, if I set the interval to 1 hou

GROUP BY and ORDER BY.... the latter not working
I am creating a little messages system.
The screen should show a grouped list of messages from the database. Each message is grouped by the threadid. But I need the message to show in the main window, the last message that was sent for that threadid.
Right now it's always only shown the 'first' message that was sent.
I have tried to turn around the ORDER BY so that comes before th

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