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php and oracle database
hello everyone please i need to develop a php application but this time around i want to use php and oracale 11g database enterprise edition which server should i go for ???? can i still use my phpmyadmin(easyphp/wamp) if yes then how can i do it please need help ......

UPDATE users table with a calculated field for current_age
I have a users table which has a birthdate field. I'm trying to figure out the syntax that would allow me to loop through the table and update another field name current_age. Using somekind of calculation based of the birthdate field.
I was thinking something like
UPDATE users
SET current_age=(birth_date)/(60*60*24*365.2421896)
in some kid of a loop if I need a loop.

Best way to do search word structure? !! $ !!
I want to build up a database where there will be about 400 strings. I want to make the database searchable.
The structure of the database will be like:
Brand | model |additional products | price | search words | (this is 1 string, there will about 400 strings)
There will be between 2 and 50 search words on each string. The search are done by clicking a checkbox and the marked check

PHP, MySQL, IIS7 issue
We moved a site that was developed by outsource company from old to new server and seem to be experiencing some issues on the new server. The products don’t show up anymore and no changes have been done on the code. When I turn errors on like http://mlungisi-001-site1.smarterasp.net/products.php there are some notices but surprisingly it worked on the old server.
Windows 2008, IIS7

mysql dumper issue
I want to use mysql dumper database. For that i have applied password protected encryption. Before it was giving 404 error but later on modifying the roor htaccess files by adding
AuthName "MySQLDumper"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile "myfilepath"
require valid-user
Errordocument 401 error.html
Errordocument 403 error.html
prompts for the user login.

Can certain DB Fields be set to UPPERCASE?
We need to set ALL entries in three MySQL Database fields to be in all UPPERCASE.
Is there a script that can be run to do this?
These are used dynamically for META TAGS, so it's not about how to render it on screen.

How do I order MySQL by fields, effectively?
I need to set an order on some fields. So ORDER BY black, rcstock, title.
Problem is, 'black' sometimes is empty', and we need to ensure anything where black is NOT empty, and says "yes" in the field, come before the empty ones.
Help please. As if I set it like so
Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]Syntax: [ Download ] [ Show ]ORDER BY black DESC, rcstock, title ASC
It doesn't show

Need database conversion software recommendation
I am looking for solution to change my Oracle database record into MySQL. Is it possible to convert database record from Oracle to MySQL?

View database based on access level
I have a msql database with about 4 access levels. These users are with different regions. I would like each user to only view their region when they log into the database. I am using php/dreamweaver and mysql to accomplish this. Right now they are all able to view all regions.

Display birthday with dd-mm only from mysql date (dd-mm-yyyy
I have a membership msql database with a birthday column. The column has birthday date dd-mm-yyyy but when viewed or displayed with Select using php I would like it to show only dd-mm for lower level access members. How do I accomplish this?

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