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why are my colour replacement colours coming out very light even a black is a very light grey
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Whenever I try to replace a colour using the colour replacement tool all the colours come out very pale/light most of the time not even the colour I have selected.For instance black comes out as a very pale grey.

how to choose a color scheme for a flat landscape?
Design Software

I'm trying to make a flat landscape for a game I'm creating. I don't know how to select an appropriate color scheme for my landscape.

Which version(s) of Photoshop can repair corrupted images?
Design Software

A while back, around the time CS5 was brand new, I heard that some version of Photoshop could repair corrupted jpegs and the like, many just by loading them into the program. I'm wondering which versions of Photoshop are able to do that? Please give me a complete list as far as you know.

Animation Panel in CS6
Design Software

Where is the Animation Panel in CS6?  (I currently have the trial version, which is Extended.)  It's not under the Window menu.

Error in Converting to Bitmap Mode
Design Software

app.activeDocument.changeMode (ChangeMode.BITMAP);


I shows Error as "illegal Argument"

Brush shape tool dynamics
Design Software

The padlock is for the shape tool dynamics is closed. I cannot check the check mak. How do I unlock the padlock in order to make changes to change the settings for the Shape Dynamics as well as all the other brush settings?


Thanks for any

Photoshop getting closed automatically.
Design Software

Photoshop getting closed automatically. Also, whenever I start the opening page is start page with most of the settings reset and not being same. Recent files aren't always the most recent- sometimes it shows none. Please help, using Adobe Photographer's Subscription and Lightroom is running fant

Exported image is glitched out
Design Software

!I have a .PSD that i want to export as a .PNG, but it gives a glitched version that is cropped very differently than in the psd. This is very undesirable and I can't manage to export this image anyway i try. Also, this is urgent. Please fix this.

I just switched from Windows to Mac.  How can I transfer PS CS5 and Lightroom to the new Mac?

3D Contents are unavailable PS
Design Software


I have Photoshop 2015

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